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Posts: 1 July 6, 2010
Any ideas as to where to plan a last minute 70th bday party on the Hoboken NJ waterfront?

Guest July 11, 2010
Here are my picks and they accommodate parties at a moment's notice.



They are pricey, so do ask about a weekend brunch menu (people tend to drink less earlier in the day) and find out if you can bring your own cake (they may charge a cake cutting fee, so it may or may not be cheaper to have them provide one for you).

Good luck and if you need a photographer, we are having a 1/2 price off 50+ package which includes thank you cards, a small, soft-covered "coffee-table" book and a favor magnet with image and message. Do check us out and best of luck. This is indeed special!

Lise' Ramos
Creative Director

Guest July 9, 2010
These are some of the great places we did parties in Hoboken. Monroe Bar-302 Monroe Street-fun place

The W Hotel-very elegant don't know that prices.

We have done our casino theme parties in both places and can recommend them highly...both very different type of places.

Lots of luck,
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