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How much money do you really save doing your own wedding?

Posts: 2 July 1, 2010
Summer is here and the Recession is on...planning a "Do it Yourself" (DIY) Wedding? Beware...
Here are the TOP TEN PITFALLS to watch for...

10) DIY WEDDING PLANNER? The Most organzied Bride in the World...can not be everywhere at once.
Any Bride who does not have a knowledgable hardworking assistant whether paid or unpaid, girl friend or relative will appear to be a Bridezilla on her Wedding Day. All the money in the world, no matter how great you look, all the cute favors, even great food will not make up for a frustrated, ill-mannered screaming bride. Make a detailed plan together and get it typed in big print and on to a clip board. Use your cell phones to communicate. Fasten to pocket or cord around neck or belt. Put it down and your dead. FREE WEDDING PLANNERS ABOUND WITH VENUES...RENT ONE!

9) LOCATION-LOCATION-LOCATION Mistakes to watch for ...Out doors? Indoors?
What matters is the defining space...Bugs, Wires, Bad Paint, Yuk Restrooms, Parks w/ dogs or saggy diaper. kids roaming thru your wedding space...not! Plan a Wedding Watch God laugh...Bug Fogging...yours or theirs a must...The big 3 of Wedding Ruins... Bugs-Rain-NO Shade.
No matter how cheap, a site with these issues is not a good buy. Rent Tents? Plan for $100 to $5000.
Add Chair & Table Rental...Now you see why Wedding Venues are a good buy.
Ask yourself...who will do the set-up...Groomsmen...ahah...after sneaking a couple brewskies...not !
Add up all the expenses of Rentals and Manhours...A wedding venue will start to look like a real bargain.

8)FOOD SERVICE MISTAKES; Food Poisoning is no laughing matter...don't take our the local hospital for a report on wedding thats an eternal memory of your wedding! had better be cold and anything on Mayo on Ice...Food should only be out for 1 Hour to be safe. Grocery store catering...ok but do you honestly think no one will know...could be seen as tackey, tackey, tackey. Caterers can do anything from Macaroni Casserole to Prime Rib for probably $8.95 to $24.95...Again add up your grocery list ...figure on stupid over buying and our bet the caterer is the best buy...and get this will probably throw in the clean-up.

7) THE BIRDS & THE BEES...Outdoor wedding?...DIY Birds fly over and leave spots! Who will clean it up...chairs at the ceremony seem to get the most call for this problem...not to mention seats filling up with water during a pre wedding shower. Site Venue folks do this for you...check to make sure however and get it negociated in the agreement. Bees love Wedding Cake...fog ground under cake
and skirt before Cake arrives or is set-up...Don't leave leftovers out in the sun...Cake Tables on the Grass need plates under each leg so as not to sink. Most Venue have the Chairs & the Tables...that means no expensive rental, delivery, and that nuance of returning stuff when you want to leave on a honeymoon and dad is exhausted.

6)CAKE; A DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN; Cakes are ruined by 3 things; Improper Delivery, Bad Construction, No Planned Presentation Area...They can crack, sour, slide, cave, and the ever lurking table give in to soft ground, colors run in the rain, etc. First they need shelter from Sun, A Fan is in our mind essential so that means an electrical outlet. Cords place where guests won't trip. Plate under each leg of the table so it won't sink. Weight distributed evenly on the table. Separated Cakes but short legs between do better...Single Floating Back Bone Cake stand is your best bet if the Cake Decorator not staying through to cut the cake. Get hospital gloves to cut cake...have towels and hot water to keep cake and knife server clean while cutting to get the most servings out of your cake. Cutting cake is a back breaking it as a team or pay the caterer to do it.

5)TENT CITY? Tents can be a blessing or a headache...even a tradegy waiting to happen...You need get the installers to come with tent ...if not tight canvas will hold water, collapse, and can injure guests.Side Curtains are a must...Wrinkles and all ...put them up...pulled back for sun but ready to go...the rain or a bad storm or wind won't let you put them up. Storm blow from the side and so into the tent.Laying flat in the hot sun the day before can help take out the wrinkles.
room only may keep you dry in a no wind sprinkle...but the months of May and June are usually more violent...Caution...You must be prepared for the worst or your wedding will be a soggy mess. Look for Pavilions in your area...safer and stronger than tents! Most able to open on 3 sides or try installing canvas Tarps from Walmart as side Curtains. many rental companies have extra flats to rent. How about investing in 100 Umbrellas at the Dollar Store for $100 and then give them as favors...better than a Candy Bar and a lot more useful!

4) WE HAVE DEBRIS; Favors & Paper Goods for Outdoor Weddings...seems plausible and a good bye, but here is problem...too light weight...blowing off the table at the first hint of a breeze. Solutions;
Don't try to set the tables. Go Buffet with Baskets of Plates, Polyflatware, and Napkins, on the Buffet Table and weighted with painted rocks, cute brass trivets, be creative. Poly glassware kept in colorful plastic baskets at bar. Centerpeices; Forget anything made of paper or tissue or goes soaggy if wet.
Think heavy containers, glass beads, pepples, beans in tote bags, flat Lotus Bowls with rocks and water. 3 or 4 mirrors on each table for a candle later will keep the table cloth on during a breeze. Lt weight Chairs can become flying weapons. Storm coming in ? Lay all the chairs forward in there exact place starting at the front row and moving back...Here is that team effort again.

3) CEREMONY OUTSIDE? Try to choose a venue where there is a chapel or ballroom or event room close to the garden and have a back up...IF NOT prepared for the worst. Have golf umbrellas for the Bridal Party each covering the other and that usher can hold the umbrella for the officiate...He will need two hands to get you married! make sure this back-up venue is on hold for the same time as your wedding and rehearsal. Remember shade real or artificial is vital for seniors, handicapped, and babies.
If guests are uncomfortable, itchy, hungry, thirsty, face it...they will leave...and they may take that gift check with them...speaking of the wind better have a safe haven for card & checks...Mail Box, Bird Cage, Something...and someone to watch and host the guest book...I'm seen too many of these left in the rain or being chased across a feild.

2) SPEAKING OF HEAVEN SENT...Lets talk instead about heaven Scent...So dad or a friend offers you his cow feild...the smell of the Ranch may not be noticed by those that live there but the rest of the guests may have some olfactory nerve issues. Watering, Raking, Delivery Trucks driving over sprinkler systems. Cowpies, Dog Poo, Unpainted Back Porches, Weak Bathrooms, Small Kitchens, houses that will need to be deep cleaned top to bottom, Garden patches, Plants brought in...Plan on $300 for a maid service...$500 in plants plus labor...You may want to re-think that patch of homely heaven.

1)DRESSING ROOM BLUES; Most dressing area are fodder for that old frase something old, something borrowed, something blue; ie they fall way short of her needs... Brides need 12 things; Space, Light, Electricity, Full Mirrors, Dressing Table, Steamer, Iron & Board, Sewing Kit, Chairs, Headache Remedy/Fainting Couch/Day Bed, First Aid Kit, and or a LIMO to get her from home to church. Ever think you would be dressing in a nasty church bathroom using the smelly diaper changing table for a ironing board? well its happened...One bride cried at my BnB door on her Honeymoon night..she was stuck in the Porta-Potty at her wedding...her dress was too big!
Curling Iron, Hair Dryer, Toilet, Sink, and Running Water,

In conclussion...Wedding Planners save you more than they cost. Wedding Venues for Outside Weddings are a absolute Blessing and will cost you less in heartache than the Rental Shop Bill, with
a whole lot less work and planning on your side. Try out that fancy new spread sheet on your computer I'm right....Sandy Rose your Montana wedding Fairy Godmother. FREE Consultation for 1st Hr.
Call 877-WED-SPA-1. or 406-266-3599

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