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Guest June 12, 2010
my daughter is having a sweet 16 and I need a planner to qive me a price that will fit my budget
Posts: 385 June 22, 2010
Hi Stacy,

Your daughter's Sweet 16 is coming up soon and it is clearly very important to you. On the other hand, you have a limited budget and want to spend your hard earned money where it is most important to you. Here are a few suggestions which may be helpful for you (and possibly your daughter) to do before talking to a planner or a potential venue:
  • Please write down a description of what the perfect Sweet 16 would be like as you visualize it.
  • If you are planning the Sweet 16 to be a surprise for your daughter please write down a description of what the perfect Sweet 16 would be for your daughter.
  • If the Sweet 16 is not a surprise ask your daughter to write her own description.
  • Compare your description and your daughter's. Underline or highlight what is most important. Negotiate any differences.
  • Now, prepare a list of all of the features which you and your daughter associate with a Sweet 16. This list might include: video, photographs, sit down dinner, snack table, beautiful venue, beautiful dresses, evening event, afternoon event, limo with driver, lots of friends invited, special friends invited, lots of family invited, special family invited, live dance music, dj, centerpieces on each table, flowers for Sweet 16, flowers for all guests, fancy decorations, lots of surprises, fancy invitations, etc.
  • Take a piece of paper and fold it in half (left to right)
  • Now fold the paper in half the other way (top to bottom)
  • Unfold
  • Write the words least important on the left, most important on the right
  • Write the words most expensive on the bottom, least expensive on the top
  • Now write each of the features on the piece of paper where they fit best in your judgment and in your daughter's.
  • Use the piece of paper as follows... be sure to do everything in the top right corner (most important, least expensive). Do nothing that is on the lower left (most expensive, least important). The remaining items are negotiable as budget allows.
By following the above, you will save a lot of time in planning... be it working with a planner or doing it yourself. Also, you will be sure that you invest your money where it will be most meaningful to you and will reduce the chances of missing something important.

Please do let me know if i can be of help to you (or if my directions above are not clear). You may contact me through my Eventective profile for a no charge consultation.

Enjoy your very special event... Invest in what is most important to you.

Ronald G. Shapiro, Ph. D.
Posts: 1 June 22, 2010
I too am planning a sweet 16 party for my daughter. I am a single parent on a tight budget but willing to do whatever for the party. please contact me asap since I am planning for the party to be in 18 days. Please contact me at stacyplus3@yahoo.com.
Posts: 31 June 21, 2010
I am also avail for Sweet 16 planning. You can reach me at sandramcguckin@comcast.net my website is my teen birthday bash dot com

Guest June 13, 2010
where are you located.

Jenira's Event Planning

Guest June 12, 2010
Hello I'm an event planner if you can please email me at exclusive@samiyyahs.com and let me know where your located your name and number. Thanks

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