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Posts: 16 April 30, 2010
James Media LLC is a premier video company based in New York City. We have put together a list of questions to ask your potential videographers:

1-How long have you been in business

2-What type of equipment do you use, brand, type, digital?

3-What format do you shoot in?

4-What is your turn-around time?

5-Can I get a 5 minute trailer a week or two after the event? This will ease your worries that they acutally got some footage

6-Do you use a tripod? the devise that supports the video camera, allows for balanced shoots and smooth panning

7-How many people will be shooting at my event?

8-What type of lighting do you use? If person says lighting, I don't use lighting, it's not necessary, you need to calmly get up and excuse yourself!

9-Is there any additional cost for editing? If so, how much an hour?

10-Can I see raw footage of your last event?

For more questions respond to this thread or send us an email @

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