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Posts: 1 Lakeland Fl November 22, 2013
I am 20 years old and having a baby shower!! This will be my first baby. It's a girl, Hazel Marie!! I am trying to find a cheap place to have my baby shower because my house wouldn't be big enough to have everyone come or have a place to sit the whole time. My grandpa is having to pay for everything so I doubt he would go over $100 or 2 to help me out. I want it to be the best. Who doesn't?!?! It feels like my wedding day but even more special to me and I want it to be perfect!! I want it to be Feb 7th and preferably made an inside event since I wont know the weather. Does anyone know anywhere I can possibly have this?? Anyone with hook ups?? LOL Thank you and God bless!!

Guest Louisiana December 6, 2013
Congrats on the baby girl!! As I'm not in Florida, I don't know any exact locations. But, you could try some of your local parks, they may have rooms for an inexpensive price. Especially if alcohol is not involved.
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Guest Cicero, NY December 2, 2013
oneida shores arrow head lodge is where i has mine i think my mom paid under $200 and its beautiful with lights already strung up and a working wood fireplace, a full kitchen, bathrooms, ton of parking and tons of room inside

Guest December 1, 2013
You should have about 10 to 15 closest family members and do a breakfast shower in a local diner or restaurant that has a private room. You could serve danish, muffins, coffee, tea and orange juice. Go to the 99 cents store and buy cute baby favors for about $1 each (there should be at least some candle favors). Put up a few balloons on a main table for your gifts and have someone take pictures of you opening your gifts. something early about 10AM to 12PM would be good. Ask your friends and family if they could suggest a place. How about Fat Jacks Deli & Pub
(863) 687-0262? Maybe you could cater and have something at home and decorate your living room with pink, green, blue and yellow streamers. Good luck!

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