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Top 10 Wedding planning mistakes Brides make

10. Shopping by Price only: Budgets are important and they will allow you to see which vendors you can afford. The saying ” You get what you pay for” holds true. Vendors who hold value in what they offer will cost more than a novice but these vendors are season and will ensure that your wedding is the reality you envisioned.
9. Bringing to many people to vendor meetings: Having too many opinions will make, making a decision harder. When it comes to wedding planning everyone wants to be involved, however, it should be the Bride plus two at the vendor meetings. Keep in mind the Brides’ opinion is the one that matters.
8. Having too many Brides maids: The rule of thumb is one bridesmaid for every 30 people. So if you are planning a wedding for 100 people there should be 3 (three) Bridesmaids. This helps when you are ordering dresses and having people attending rehearsals. The less people that are in the bridal party the less drama you should have when it comes to the planning of the Bridal shower and bachelorette parties.
7. Not setting a budget: Weddings are emotional and most brides want what they want. However, the wedding is just one day. Bills still have to be paid after the wedding. The budget allows for the you and your fiance to not go into debt. Set a budget and stick with it.
6. Buying all inclusive packages: One stop shops are convenient. Vendors will begin to pair services and products that they don’t use all the time into these inclusive packages. Inclusive packages are the bases of each service and if you want to customize as most clients do it will cost you extra to “upgrade”. The best way to avoid the upgrades is to only pay for what you want.
5. Having Family as your vendors: Family is always there to help when needed. Family should enjoy this day with you and not serving your guests. Professionals have done the research and have the experience to adapt to any sudden changes that might happen that day. Family members are not equip to do so. Always hire a professional.
4. Not knowing what the average wedding cost: Once engaged most couples begin just planning their wedding they do not know what the average wedding in their city costs. This will be helpful in knowing if you should plan a destination wedding or if the budget will allow for you to have an elegant wedding.
3: Not asking for referrals: Once you have booked a trusted vendor ask them who they trust for your other vendor needs. You will be surprised what each vendor knows about the others in the wedding industry. These referrals are just as good as reviews.
2. Procrastination: The average wedding takes about a year to plan. This sounds like a long time but a year will quickly go by if you do not work on items a little by little. Keeping in mind that somethings must be done a head of time in order for the day to run smoothly.
1. Not Hiring a Planner: The Wedding planner is the bride’s personal assistant! The planners job is to make sure the bride and her guests are taken care of at the wedding. The wedding planner works with the bride to bring her dream wedding to reality. The day of the wedding the planner is the quarterback ensuring that each vendor is in place to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch.

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lol, as soon as I saw #1, I knew this was written by a wedding planner.
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I love number 5! I caution brides all the time on this one!

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