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Guest Gainesville, FL September 18, 2013
There are a lot of fun things out there for you and your team to do besides passing around cake in the office and the annual kickball tournament.

One of those things is a Karaoke Party. When planning, we often thing of Karaoke as an addition to an event rather than the focus of it, but time after time, we've seen it become the mainstay of the party. So why not plan for it to be?

The concept of Karaoke, and more-so the Karaoke Party, has culminated in the ultimate venue, the "Karaoke Box," A nightclub-esque place with multiple soundproofed rooms for parties of all sizes, complete with couches, tables, HDTVs, and of course, a little liquid confidence for you to lubricate those vocal chords.

It's an exceptional bonding experience, and in general just an amazing experience.

So, next time you and your team are celebrating landing that major contract, hitting that big deadline, or that new product launch, I encourage you to check your local listings for a private-room Karaoke venue like Stage 7 (if you're in Gainesville, FL).

If karaoke isn't your thing, there are also plenty of other ideas you can find here!

Thanks for your time!

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