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Posts: 1 Phoenix, AZ September 18, 2013
I recently found an article about holiday party entertainment ideas. Although the article came from a New York party specialist, it certainly gives a lot of ideas for those hosting a holiday party in Scottsdale or Phoenix. As a magician, I found it interesting that the first suggestion on his list was to Hire A Magician for your holiday party. I think I like this guy.
Naturally, I would love to perform at your upcoming holiday party, Christmas Party or other business function. In addition, I believe in presenting options and possibilities… magicians love possibilities. Thus, below are a dozen entertainment ideas for your next holiday event. If you have something you'd like to add, please do so... this is a discussion page.

Here’s a nice list of 12 ideas to jump-start your creative engines:
1. Hire a magician
2. If your group dances, a DJ might be just the thing.
3. Wine Tastings with a sommelier talking about pairings is fun.
4. A Casino night is entertaining. Can be a bit pricy it you go wild.
5. Hire a stand up comedian. Make sure he/she is appropriate for your group though.
6. Movie night with holiday classics. A good family fun thing.
7. A dine around to various restaurants. Maybe along the Light Rail.
8. Pot luck dinner.
9. A bowling party.
10. Costume contest.
11. A staff talent show .
12. Rent a karaoke machine, or go to a karaoke bar and sing the night away.
Posts: 41 November 14, 2013
I want to say special thanks to The Magic Guy who share his innovative idea on this post. By this post end user can read and then also can make him party memorable by this idea. So i want ti say special thanks to you.....
Posts: 6 October 23, 2013
to make any event popular it is a great idea to have a Magician and make your event popular and i would try this in my event also
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Guest September 19, 2013
Here are a few more ideas:
13. Trivia about the company or on the theme of the party.
14. Horse and buggy rides or sleigh rides are really fun.
15. Name that tune game for small prizes.

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