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Posts: 389 Jackson, TN August 31, 2013
What is the perfect way for faculty, staff and students to honor an awesome colleague about to be deployed for six months of military service? A breakfast? A lunch? A dinner? An after school party? An all school assembly? All of the above ideas have appeal, but the best idea I've seen so far is a surprise parade honoring the awesome faculty member. Unfortunately, the idea wasn't mine. I merely read about it in the Jackson Sun (TN). That doesn't mean it wasn't awesome!

Administrators of the University School of Jackson invited departing Technology Director Danielle Boyd to a breakfast in her honor. While Danielle was enjoying breakfast, the entire school assembled along the road leading up to the school. The school band assembled at the school entrance.

After the school assembled and Danielle finished breakfast she was blindfolded and escorted onto the back of a pickup truck with a comfortable chair set up. Danielle's blindfold was removed as the school band began to play patriotic music. Her truck then drove the length of the school road where every member of the school community greeted her with waving, signs, etc.

I can't think of a better program idea:
  • Danielle was honored and thanked for her service in a most meaningful way.
  • The students were provided with an opportunity to learn about military service.
  • The entire school was involved including the band, sign makers, and every community member waving.
  • The ceremony was entertaining and fun.
Perhaps, some of you will have the opportunity to borrow some of these ideas as you honor a member of your community going to or returning from military service. You might also be able to use the ideas planning to honor an awesome person (or a person who did something awesome) for another type of occasion.

For a more complete narrative and photo album of this event, please refer to the school's website ( ) as the links to the original articles in the Jackson Sun are no longer available.

Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD
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