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Posts: 1 Cincinnati Ohio ir surrounding areas August 26, 2013
Can someone help me locate an inexpensive hall that I can have my daughter's 21st birthday. I am looking for someplace in Cincinnati, Ohio or surrounding areas. I good use party ideas for the celebration as well.
Posts: 1 Erlanger, KY December 15, 2016
Hello, I am the owner of Big Daddy Walker Productions DJ's in Cincinnati. Feel free to reach out to me for some great suggestions for your daughters party. Thanks, Allen
Posts: 390 August 27, 2013
Hi bdirv1058202,

Happy birthday to your daughter and a special congratulations to you!!! I do not have specific recommendations for the Cincinnati area, but generally speaking the least expensive locations for rental are:
  • City, county and state park picnic shelters (in season)
  • A summer camp (just before or after the camping season)
  • A friend's condominium club house
  • A religious institution or academic institution when the facility is not being used for religious or educational purposes
  • A smaller hotel/motel with a breakfast area and/or meeting room and free parking but without a restaurant or food service (other than breakfast).
Another alternative is to speak with the family restaurants in your area. They may be willing to allow free usage of a meeting room (or close of part of the restaurant for you) at no charge if everyone orders a meal off of the menu (often less expensive than their group meal prices).

In terms of activities, it would really be helpful to know more about:
  • your daughter (what does she like to do and not like doing)
  • the event (is it a surprise or is your daughter participating in the planning)
  • the attendees (how many guests and whether they are mostly older family, mostly friends, mostly same age family (e.g., cousins))
  • your budget for the event.
There are numerous suggestions for planning a birthday celebration (but nothing offered for sale, just lots of free ideas) on my Birthday Suggestions website including:
  • a checklist
  • invitations
  • photo album
  • activities
  • greeting the honoree
  • cake and/or candle ceremony
  • gift presentations.
Your daughter and guests (if adventuresome) might also enjoy the "Hit the Pot" Style Game For Adults.

If you would like ideas customized for you, please either provide a bit more information in this forum or reach out to me for a complimentary telephone consultation.

Thank you and enjoy!!!

Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD
Education by Entertainment

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