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Posts: 1 Various August 19, 2013
I am with the Murder Mystery Company- The largest national company offering Murder Mystery Dinners across the United States. We are looking at putting in shows in Philly, Chicago, Kansas City, Miami, Milwaukee and Washington DC very soon and are looking for the perfect venue. We already have shows in LA, New York, Baltimore, Detroit, Seattle...The list goes on.

We generally only put one show per city and this is what we look for- A large private room that accommodates 125-150 people for a seated dinner, good sight lines and a good reputation.

Here is what we have to offer- When we put a show in, it is a partnership. We generate ticket sales and advertisement, handle reservations and make sure that the guests have an amazing time in a two hour, interactive and fully immersive Murder Mystery experience.

What we need- At least 7 dates in a three month period (Friday and Saturday evenings), the room, food and staff to handle a three course plated dinner usually around $10 per plate (More if the room can handle over 150)

What you get-
-When we work with a venue, we send out advertisements that will hit over a hundred thousand people directly in your area. It usually works out that 25% of the cost into food actually goes into advertising and promotions. We would take off that burden.
-We take care of all of the reservations and booking
-We make sure that your servers are taken care of (Suggested tip cards at the table, mention of tipping throughout the night)
-We are using a tried and true formula that works
-There is really no risk to the venue. No out of pocket costs!
-At least 7 dates in a three month period the venue would be filled. Frequently more.
-And of course, you get 100% of the bar…We have an approach method that your servers can use that generates big drink orders! We typically get upwards of $500 for a room that seats 120!
We put on over 5000 shows across the country last year in establishments just like yours. It is a tested and proven model that is extremely profitable for both us and for you when hosting the events.
Check out the website to see a little more of what you will be signing up for-

If you have a venue in an area I did not list and might be interested...Let me know! We have 20+ troupes out in the field already. Chances are we might have one by you!
Just reply to this post or email me directly at

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