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Posts: 95 July 23, 2013
So you are engaged, the next thing to do is set a budget.Now that, that is done your next step is to set a date. The number one rule in wedding planning if you do not have a venue then you does not have a date!!! So now you must embark on finding the perfect venue for you and your fiancé to say I Do! There are several venues all over to choose from, so how can you pick the best venue for you. Follow these 4 simple steps and you will find the venue perfect for you.

Step 1: Put together a wish list:
Brides envision saying their vows in cathedral with stain glassed windows, or walking down the aisle with sand between their toes.Determine which bride you are. Deciding if you would like to get married in a church and then moving to the reception site; or if you would like to do both the ceremony and the reception in one location. This will eliminate some of the wedding venues, and leave you with the ones that are on your wish list.

Step 2: Determine the month that you would like to get married
Begin reaching out to the venues to see if they are available.Do not go look at the venue if you don’t know if they are available for your wedding month. Once you fall in love with a venue no other venue is going to beas good and you will not be satisfied with your second choice. Make sure that the venue is available for you before you go to do a site tour.

Step 3: Ask about the cost
Make sure that you find out what the cost of the venue is.Ask if there is a set up fee, or hourly charge. What hours are they available and what time all the vendors can begin to set up and what time they need to be out of the venue. Figuring out the cost is important because again there is no reason to visit the venue if you cannot afford it in your budget.

Step 4: Schedule a tour of the venue
Once you have determined the venue is available for your month and within the budget go look at the venue. Take your wish list with you, this way you can make sure that this venue has everything that you want or at least majority of what you have on your wish list. Only look at 3 venues, at a time so that you can remember which ones you liked and which one you did not like. If you find yourself stating that you love this venue then that is the one. Looking for more options will only waste time because you have found one that you really like and no other will compare.
Your venue will be the place where your guest spend their timemake sure it represents the feel of the ceremony and reception that you aregoing for. Stick to your budget and makea wish list this will keep you focused. Happy Planning

Unique SIGnature Events
Posts: 43 July 31, 2013
Hello UniqueSigEvents,
I read your post.Great tips for Wedding Venue Selection.Very nice tips.
Posts: 2 July 24, 2013
Do not be afraid to think outside the box if your budget is restricted. Look at smaller hotels and venues as they can typically provide more bang for your buck. If you are the only event taking place in a hotel for instance, then you are the BIG Fish that day and will be treated royally.
Walk the grounds of a venue for photo spots. Sometimes, your thought is only a park will do, but other venues typcially have beautiful outdoor areas that will work just as well and be a lot less work to set up.

I love helping my brides create their special day. Make sure the planner you select feels the same way.

Cindy Giamarino
Holiday Inn Orlando Airport
Posts: 6 July 24, 2013
Great tips for Wedding Venue Selection...
Posts: 4 July 24, 2013
Great article!

Jan S.-
West Hartford, Connecticut
Day to Remember Events,llc.

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