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Posts: 2 Charlotte, NC February 18, 2013
MTSOAG ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is seeking help with planning a Teen Day Party in the Charlotte area. We are taking ideas and info on what works and what don't. We are also looking for Event Planners, Promoters, Talent Agents, and Venues that would like to help or go in on a event like this. We would like to offer the teens something more than just a dance party, maybe a Talent Show with dance competitions, or rap battles(open for ideals here also). We would like to plan for the April, May, June, or July time frame. Please respond with any ideas or tips that will help with a event like this.

Question we need help or info with are as followed:

1. What is the best time frame to hold a event for teens doing the day hours?
2. What is the price at door to charge?
3. How much security do you think we'll need? What is the average cost to hire security for events?
4. What type venue will be needed and at what price range will it cost?
5. What's the best age limits for entry?
6. What type advertisement works best? Radio, Flyers, Social Media and so forth.

Anything you guy and gals can offer will surely be appreciated.
Posts: 2 February 20, 2013
Thanks to djladyj, Sara and UniqueSigEvents for your info. We appreciate the time you took out of your day to provide us this information and hope to return the the same one day.
Posts: 95 February 19, 2013
If you want to do a day party then it needs to be during the summer months. Also keep in mind that teens prefer the night because they have always been told they cannot hang out late at night.

The charge at the door for teens should be about 5.00 no more than 10.00

The age range should be high school students only. The entertainment is different when you include middle school kids and college students.

the venue, you can do college campus auditoriums, high school auditoriums, or community centers most can rent anywhere from 100 to 150 an hour.

Advertise with flyers, through facebook, twitter, and an online website.

We already through a talent show check out our website

If you have anymore questions don't hestiate to contact us

Unique SIGnature Events
Posts: 2 February 19, 2013

In regards to your questions:
-Time frame: It depends on the time of year you want to host the party. If it's during the summer, the timing can be a bit more flexible. If it's during the school year, you would need something on a Friday or Saturday. Teens seem to be most enthusiastic about night time events, so you may want to consider hosting an event fomr 6-10pm (make sure that you are abiding by any curfew laws, though).
2. Cover Charge: If the event is a formal event, $10 is appropriate. If the event is informal, $5 is about right.
3. Security: This will depend on how many people attend the event. I would say that a safe security ratio would be 1 security member per 20 teens. There's a lot of liability for teen events, and parents will want to ensure that their kids are safe at the event.
4. Venue: Check out gyms, youth centers, etc. Anywhere that is an all-age venue. Look for the main space to be one big open room instead of lots of hallways/nooks.
5. Age limit: It depends what you're looking for. The highschool age range and middle school age range are two incredibly different groups with different requirements, advertising methods, interests, etc.
6. What type advertisement works best? SOCIAL MEDIA! You definitely want to cater to what they use which is social media all the way. You can use some schools too, but then schools would have to approve/endorse the event, and some may not be willing to do that. Flyers work, as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I am an event planner available in the Charlotte area, so I would be happy to help!

Best Wishes,
Sara Bacon
The Dolce Design
(334) 521-2254
Posts: 20 February 18, 2013

The best time frame: 4-8
The price range: $5 - $7
Security: 2 officers

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