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Guest February 5, 2013

I'm opening an event planning business and I need help with pricing services. I have a price set but I think my prices are going be too high to start. Can you help? I can email you the service sheet- you have no idea how much any help with pricing would be appreciated. Thank you!

Guest February 5, 2013
I agree with the previous response. Your price will be determined by your experience but more importantly, your market. Where are you located? I could only assist you with pricing if I am familiar with your market. To have a better handle on your market, you will gain an abundance of insight if you research your particular area.
For example, what a client will pay in downtown Atlanta is not what a client just 20 miles away will pay for event planning services.

I wish you much success in your new adventure.

Conference Center@GPTC
Posts: 41 February 5, 2013
Congrats on starting your business-I wish you great success. <3
Posts: 2 February 5, 2013
Send your price sheet, I'll look at it.
Are you competitively priced
Do you have a storefront and overhead?
Do you bring valued negotiating skills and vendor knowledge to the clients.
Be realistic! If you are 'new' to the local industry, minimal experience, I'd got to work and gain industry knowledge. Providing seamless events takes many skills; interpersonal as well as industry resources.
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Posts: 95 February 5, 2013
Pricing is determined by two things the market values for your services and your experience. If you already think your price is to high than it probably is. You will not have the confidence in pitching the price to your clients and then they won't pay it. So you need to do some research about what other planners are charging in your area, and then price your services based on your expreince you bring to the industry. If you are new to the area and the business then you should be lower then the planners who are established. Think about it new employees don't make as much as experienced ones. It works the same with businesses.

If you have any other questions or just want to bounce ideas off of someone we are always here.

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