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Posts: 6 February 1, 2013
Hi, i am planning my son's 6th birthday party, and need some ideas for party games..any suggestions??
Posts: 384 April 15, 2013
Hi Askpretti and others,

You might check out
Posts: 6 February 19, 2013
I highly appreciate all ideas that you have suggested. so what i have finalized is as:
bouncy castle
treasure hunt

Guest February 13, 2013
Well thanks for suggesting nice ideas like tug-of-war and cupcake decorations.
Posts: 1 February 12, 2013
You need to go for various activities that all the children would love to join. So for such activities you can visit: children activities San Francisco
Posts: 13 February 7, 2013
Hello Community,

I have got one idea of game:

Indoor Tug O' War:
Have guests divide into two groups, and place in between both parties an inflatable structure filled with a concoction of your choice, it can be either delicious Jell-O or a cocktail mix, or even a disgusting mix of whatever you can find at home to throw in. Once you begin, only one member of each team goes forward and tries to dunk into the pool of god knows what, their opponent. Each group player comes forward, one from each team that is - the team with the most saved players, wins. To make things more interesting, blindfold both team players so that none of them are aware of what's coming, as they try to pull each other in.

Thanks and Regards,
Mark Steven

Posts: 95 February 1, 2013
scavenger hunts to find barried treasure are always fun; Making mask to be your favorite super hero, and then actually becoming the superhero.

Unique SIGnature Events

Guest February 1, 2013
You may want to have the kids decorate their own cupcakes by having a variety of toppings they can put on after they cover their cupcake with their choice of frosting. While this is not a game, it is something that 6 year olds love doing! www.sarahs-seasonings.com

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