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Posts: 2 January 26, 2013
Every event planner has their to do list, but one littleknown fact they often skip that could mean a real problem on their special day,not to mention problems later.
When they book their DJ they ask lots of questions like ifthe DJ has their music, how much it costs, when to arrive for set up, etc. Butthe most important question they should be asking if they are licensed andinsured. Will I don’t think that any bride, groom, establishment or partyplanner would willingly break the law, It is illegal for a DJ not to have a license if he/she are doing anypublic performance under the copyright laws in Canada. Even I-Tunes, (Napster,Puretracks and Archambault) state in their terms and conditions that the musicis not for commercial use. The Audio Video Licensing Agency (AVLA) is the copyrightcollective that administers licenses on behalf of makers of music that aremeant for distribution in Canada. AVLA members hold the exclusive copyright interest in over 95% of thesound recorded music. Their web address is and there is theCanadian Disc Jockey Association (CDJA) and Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association(CPDJA) where they have a list of DJ’s that are licensed all that have amultitude of information on this subject. When you are reproducing a soundrecording on a medium like a CD, mini disc, cassette, or hard drive the DJrequires a AVLA license, where if you are playing recordings in a establishmentthey require to pay a SOCAN fee.
DJ’s are required to display the original copy of theirlicense at every event.
There are private investigators that monitor if DJ’s and establishmentsare licensed. Even fundraisers must uselicensed DJ’s.
Did you know there are even restricted artists?
I encourage all prospective buyers of DJ services, musicestablishments and hotels to get information off the AVLA, CDJA or CPDJA sites. As members of CDJA wefollow a code of ethics, whether it’s a fundraiser, wedding, birthday party,funeral or BBQ.
We also offer free requests, use of microphones and lightingsystems
We must support the hard working artists as well.
Us at ALL GENRES DJ SERVICE uphold the laws, support theartists and encourage all to do the same. We also are full service as we canco-ordinate with our team of professionals for your hair, catering, and fullout wedding planning. We also are proud to support the community with ourservices for a minimal or no fee.
We are members of the Strathmore Chamber of Commerce and wewere nominated for Employer of choice, Emerging Entrepreneur and we proudly wonthe Community Spirit Award for 2012. Thank you to our nominators!
Give us a call, for a legal, professional, DJ service withheart and access to 35,000 songs!
Posts: 20 February 8, 2013
Oh No, It's In Virginia as well

Guest January 26, 2013
“ASCAP does not license DJs. It is the venue, establishment, or promoter of an event that is responsible for public performance licensing, not the performer. Private events such as weddings, etc. are exempt from licensing.”
- Bryn Caryl, ASCAP

“BMI licenses the “public performance” of music… events such as private parties and weddings are not required to have a license.”
- Jaqui Garlan, BMI

“Royalty fees are not collected for private performances.”
- David Derryberry, SESAC

It doesn’t get any more definitive than that. A lie like this is often used as a scare tactic by DJs, which we discuss at length in the DJ Shopping Guide.

The Myth of a “DJ License”

In Canada, DJs have the option to obtain a license from their Audio-Video Licensing Agency, or AVLA. This permits DJs to legally rip or copy their CDs for use on the job without fear of prosecution, for around $350 per year. It’s actually a good idea, I wish we had it in the USA — but I digress. However, an AVLA license isn’t required to be a DJ – it’s purely voluntary and only has to do with copying music. That’s it.

Every year we get calls from engaged couples who have been told that they spoke with a DJ who claimed to be “licensed” as a DJ and that most DJs aren’t. I have to assume the impetus for saying this is the same as the claim about copyright licensure – to scare people into booking them. Besides a standard business license from the state, there is no license required for running a DJ business. There is no such thing as a “DJ License,” as great as that may sound, and one will almost certainly never exist. If anyone tells you otherwise, please smack them for me and every other honest DJ out there. In short:

There is no such thing as a “DJ License,” and ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC licensing does not apply to DJs or to private events.
Posts: 95 January 26, 2013
The whole point in hiring a professional planner is to alleviate the stress of all the contracts and license. Planners work with professionals. Rest assurend Brides and Grooms working with a professional planner saves you the time and headache of dealing with unlicensed vendors

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Posts: 1 January 26, 2013
Thanks for the information. But let's make it clear one more time... this is only in CANADA !

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