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Posts: 1 Sherwood, AR January 7, 2013
I am looking for a wedding and reception venue in Sherwood, Arkansas or surrounding areas (Little Rock, North Little Rock, Jacksonville). I definately want a place that allows me to do my own decorating and catering as I am a DIY/Craft Queen. smile I am, however, open to having the venue take care of the bar and alcohol services. I would have know idea what to buy for a large group and how much to buy. The date is November 23, 2013. There will be between 100 and 150 people. An indoor venue is ideal because of the time of year. If you know of anything, please let me know!

p.s. I know about all the Hot Springs venues, I just don't want my parents and grandparents, who live in Sherwood, to drive more than 20-30 minutes. (As nuch as I love Hot Springs!!)
Posts: 384 January 7, 2013
Hi MissBethany67,

Have you thought about hiring a big Limousine to pick up your parents and grandparents to bring them to a venue in Hot Springs?

I'm not sure of the cost of venues in the various cities or the cost of a Limousine in your area, but the option may be worth considering.

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