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Posts: 1 Atlanta, GA December 7, 2012
I 'm an Atlanta Bride-2-B (9/14/13) with a very small budget from the quotes I have received. We are looking to stay between 5500 & 6000 for the entire event. We are expect no more than 125 people and would like to find one location for the ceremony and the reception.
I have contacted a number of venues and I tell you...the quotes I have received range from 6000 (venue and food only) -14,000 for everything.
I know the further out you go the better the deal; but....I can't go too far out as I have alot of family coming in from out of town and they need accomodations fairly close to the hwy (get lost easily).

Looked at a few wedding planners but man...they are trying to break the bank also.
Call me cheap but I can't see giving someone 1500 if I still have to do the majority of the work.

Any assitance would be greatly appreciated. Angel Wings
Posts: 6 Fayetteville, GA April 29, 2014
Festive Fun Caterers offers restaurant style food at a reasonable price. Please check us out on our website!!! We our offering 15% off any event.

Executive Chef/Owner
Michael Hennessee
Posts: 4 Atlanta, GA February 13, 2014

Please visit We are a full service Event Venue offering unlimited services to complete your special day. With an experienced production crew, we can fulfill your event need and within budget. Please call me with any questions, Cyndi 770-601-2743. Thank you!
Posts: 47 January 18, 2013
Congratulations on your engagement. I completely understand your frustration in finding your venue and other vendors to stay within your budget. A wedding planner is definitely worth the investment though, but make sure your hiring the right one! At The Dolce Design, we specialize in full and partial event design and MANAGEMENT so that you don't have to worry about anything. Best of all, we price depending on your budget so that you aren't paying a third of your budget to your wedding planner. Our certified wedding and event planners have experience planning custom, luxury events throughout the country, including in southern California, but The Dolce Design operates in Atlanta! Photos from our past events are located on our Facebook page and on our Eventective profile. We also offer free consultations, so please give me a call or email and I would be happy to talk to you about how to make this planning process less stressful!

Best wishes,
Sara Bacon
The Dolce Design
(334) 521-2254

Guest January 17, 2013
Congrats on your engagement!! As exciting as it is, it can quickly become stressful. I always recommend hiring an experienced, certified event planner. The right planner will take your budget and make a magical event with it. I am a certified event planner, operating out of Columbus, GA. Our expertise and creativity can help you create the wedding you want and not the wedding you have to settle for. I would love to speak with you further about your wedding plans. Feel free to email or call, even if it's just to get a few suggestions.

I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you!

L Naraine & Company Social Events
(888) 391-2150
Posts: 107 December 13, 2012
dear bride,
I can give you an invite package with:
* 100 invites with envelopes
* return address labels
* Welcome banner with your photo
* 2 Sign in posters with pen

Cost for all including shipping: $85.00

Email me your colors and theme and I can send you samples of my work on pdf.

Good luck. You'll get there, don't worry!

Guest December 11, 2012
Try the La Nuova Aurora. New Chef just opened a restaurant, its pretty amazing. Good prices, check it out 814-455-3841. Chef Joe. He has alot of experience with weddings so he can really help you out.
Posts: 95 December 8, 2012
I can understand that most brides cut the planner when they are trying to save money but the planner will find vendors that will work with your budget. Here is the thing when your budget is small you have to work harder to find the vendor. If you work with a planner you will get everything you need for budget. Most planner first meeting is free use them to show what items are going to be realistic on your budget. feeding 125 people for less than 6,000 in Atlanta is not realstic. My advice use a planner. IF you have any questions email me. We have done weddings in Atlanta and can point you in the right direction.

Unique SIGnature Events
Posts: 3 December 8, 2012
Check out JC Penny for a photograper or sears....i know it sounds cheap but we had a client who used them and they were happy!
Posts: 3 December 8, 2012
Check with venues and caterers in surrounding areas of Atlanta. If you have a friend or relative that can assist you with these tasks instead of hiring a wedding planner, that would save a bunch. If can find a great venue within your budget, near Atlanta, the cost of renting a van or chartered bus may be worthwhile. A bus ride can be an "event" in itself, especially after the reception. As a caterer from TN, I think all the comments you have received are good ones. Find a good caterer and they should be able to offer suggestions for venues, menus, etc. that won't break the bank. Farms and barns are great for informal weddings. State and National Parks are also great venues. I suggest an early in the day wedding because you can serve a lighter menu. Choose a champagne punch instead of bottles, its just as festive and is cost effective. I recommend using center pieces like potted plants that you can use later at your home or having a dessert centerpiece. Scale back on fresh flowers. Think outside the box. This is your day and should express the personalities of you and your husband to be. I am sure you will come up with the perfect wedding that reflects who you are without breaking the bank. In these economic times, better to keep your money for that down payment on a house or a fabulous honeymoon. Good Luck!

Guest December 8, 2012
Use to find people to help you. Its so awesome I got quotes from people to dj my wedding at super low prices to do my hair at such affordable prices to actually do my lawn. Its such a wonderful site and is offered in Georgia.

I am also on a budget and what I have done is keep as simple as possible. Think about all the things you remember about a wedding. You remember very little. I mean center pieces really who remembers exactly what you had and what you didnt. Keep it simple and remember tha what you do is for you.

Find a park for the venue you may have to sacrifice having alcohol at the wedding and if thats not an option keep researching venues that dont often serve weddings. Look for places that support christmas functions like company christmas parties. A lot of smaller hotels service these kind of events but because they dont know how to advertise it they dont charge very much. Look for places that you might have to call instead of receive an online quote. I found a small hilton hotel near my house that had so low of pricing it was amazing and beautiful. These places are out there they just take a lot of research. Make a list of the things that you are willing to compromise on and the things you know you wont.

Invitations use they have great quality print yourself. if you need any help email me at I will gladly share my own purchase with you that saved me a lot of money and some great ideas that might fit you.

Make everything you can. Google can tell you how to make things and if you have enough time you can do it all by yourself. dont be overwhelmed with things because there is so much that you can accomplish in a small amount of time. Hold craft parties for people that want to help. It makes it more personal and fun.

You can even order your cake from a simple shopping mart and decorate it yourself. If you are worried about time find someone close to the family that you can trust to show up and tell them what you want it to look like.

There are sooooo many ways to make a beautiful wedding happen with little money it just takes some thought but it is possible and very reasonable. If you want any help on wedding ideas I think I have researched them all so please email me. Also if you are in the Phoenix AZ area I have a few good venues to throw your way.

Guest December 7, 2012
1. Cut the guest list. This will slash your catering costs and save on invitations and even the number of centerpieces.

2. Think off-peak season and save thousands!

3. Hold your ceremony and reception in one spot -- it will cut travel time for vendors you pay by the hour.

4. Skip the Saturday wedding.

5. Have bigger tables so you need fewer centerpieces and tablecloths.

6. Shop the off-season for extra decor -- get modern black vases on sale after Halloween and pretty pink ones after Valentine's Day.

7. Use more greenery than flowers.

8. Swap out costly flowers -- did you know peonies can be five times more expensive than roses?

9. Stick to just one or two kinds of flowers.

10. Buy flowers that are in season.

11. Include non-florals, like lanterns.

Food & Drink
12. Serve entree duets.

13. Skip the main course -- apps and drinks are fine too.

14. Offer beer, wine, and a signature cocktail instead of a full bar.

15. Serve comfort foods like barbecue chicken, mac and cheese, and corn. It's fun and often cheaper.

16. Skip the champagne toast.

17. Order a small one or two-tiered cake and then supplement cake with a larger sheet cake (hidden back in the kitchen).

18. Keep the add-ons simple.

19. Use fresh flowers, not sugar ones.

20. Reuse ceremony flowers for the cake table.

21. Skip exotic fillings like guava and mango.

Stationery & Favors
22. Get single-page invites to save on postage.

23. Give out one favor per couple.

24. Make your cake the favors.

25. Have favors double as escort cards.

26. Email your save-the-dates.

27. Make your own invatations from walmart you can print at home

Photo, Video & Music
28. Have a photographer you love but can't afford the prices? Ask them if they have an associate shooter who will do your wedding for less.

29. Opt for a smaller band.

30. Hire a band or DJ who can do both the ceremony and the reception.

Guest December 7, 2012
The easiest way to trim your budget is to cut the guest list, and be sure that your bridal party stays to 2 per side. When you have a bridal party of 10 (fiver per side) and just 100 guests, your bridal party is 10% of the guests alone, without their +one even! Plus, you have to purchase a thank you gift for each one. It really begins to add up.
Posts: 1 December 7, 2012
Skip sit down dinner and do it buffet style.

Guest December 7, 2012
Skip the party planner count on your caterer for any questions, it will save you a lot in the long run

Guest December 7, 2012
It can be done, with the right planner and or coordinator. Never compromise if you don't have to, remember it's your day, and should be treated as such.

Guest December 7, 2012
Consider a local church such as Radcliffe Presbyterian in NW Atlanta where you can have your ceremony & reception in one location for under $700. Near I-20 & Hamilton Holmes Drive

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