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Posts: 314 November 28, 2012
Some of you have probably seen articles about our company in past newsletters, newspapers, TV, or just heard about us from word of mouth.

Over the last 13 years we've built our business from a 1 person DJ company serving a local area to a team of over 2,000 professionals offering DJ, photography and video services nationwide. We've tried every lead source we could find and spared no expense to determine what worked and what didn't, what was profitable and what wasn't. In May of 2012 we jumped into all of Eventective's programs and saw such a huge increase in business that we had to back down on some of our SEO and cancelled all of our other paid advertising. Today as a good example I manned 3 phones non stop from when we opened at 10AM until 3:30 PM with incoming calls... about 1/2 of them came from Eventective leads. I finally got some breakfast at 3:30 and still answered some calls while I ate.

No matter what lead sources you use if you only half a$$ "play" or "dabble" you will not be successful with them. You have to play the lead game to win and you also have to work hard on making your profiles attractive. There are no lead sources (Eventective is the closest) that only send leads of people that want to buy from you. If you don't already know how to make a great presentation and close the deal then you need to learn ASAP... or the people that DO KNOW will get most of the business. While some of you are still pushing for the good old fashioned "face to face" meeting, others are booking a lot of clients over the phone and on the internet. Some of you may have a hard time believing that a bride or host would book professional services without a meeting but we meet with less than 1% of our clients and so far our record booking day is 12 events.

This January will be our 1st with all of our Eventective programs in place. We fully expect to book more weddings in that month alone than we did in all of 2012... how about you?


Guest November 28, 2012
This is somewhat true. Clients are going more for the cheaper priced DJs thinking they're all the same. The DJs who don't have a large library of music, no beat matching or crowd reading experience and equipment that barely looks presentable. They sometimes end up on YouTube with the word FAIL in the headline because they wanted to save a few bucks.

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