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Posts: 1 October 6, 2012
I am currently looking for a simple clean room to host my baby shower in the twin cities for about 40 people. I'm hoping that we can bring our own food from like Sam's. Is there any personal or small local room/halls I can look into verse all those big extravagant halls for wedding like receptions? It's so hard, because a shower and a wedding is two very different type of event but everything is costly and catered. It's a baby shower! Hopefully someone can help lead me somewhere. smile Thanks

Posts: 385 October 6, 2012
Hi Angel,

Do you have friends who live in a condominium or an apartment with a nice clubhouse? If so, they may be able to rent it for you inexpensively.

Check out civic/religious/educational institutions which may have a large conference or meeting room.

Are there small hotels which may serve free breakfast to guests but do not have a real restaurant? If so you may be able to rent their breakfast room. Also, some small hotels may have a meeting room -- perfect for 40 or 50 people.

Finally, think about family restaurants which may have a nice room that can be separated from the rest of the restaurant. Your guests could order off of the menu. This is frequently far less expensive than catering.

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