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Posts: 314 South Portland, ME August 21, 2012
Eventective has now become our primary lead source and is so strong for us that we were able to cancel all of our other paid advertising. If you are serious about growing your business you absolutely have to check out their packages program. Our listings are bringing in 2-7 quality direct inquiries a day and about 1/3 of our web traffic. Our business has grown 400% since signing up for this program and we haven't even seen what it will do in prime booking season yet! Many times the COO has worked hard and long hours for us at night and on weekends when he should be off enjoying time with his family.

As far as the pay per lead program there is a secret to being successful with it:
· Buy lots of leads
· Use Eventective’s templates to send an in house email to each one
· Send a direct email to each one, and call those that have numbers.
· Don't expect a high % return
The leads are real but they take a lot of work on your part. Make sure your message is enticing and be sure to follow up promptly on those that reply.

If you truly want to get involved in growing your business with quality leads contact Eventective and they will help you get involved in the packages program. [EventClicks is] very inexpensive and you only pay for leads that are seeing your message or clicking to your site.

As a company that recruits photographers, DJs, and videographers nationwide I can tell you that the biggest enemy to success in the wedding industry is that 95% of wedding vendors DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE! Brides don't leave messages ya'll, they simply move on to the next number that is on the list. How do you know that that call that you just let ring to voice mail wasn't a great lead from Eventective wanting to give you a shot at their business?

In case you are wondering I am NOT an employee of Eventective, I am the co-owner of A BETTER DJ AND PHOTOGRAPHER and you are welcome to call me and I'll give you a few quick pointers on how to maximize your results booking these leads!

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