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1)Do set a budget and please stick to it.
2)Decide what type of party it will be. Formal or Semi- Formal.
3)Do sit down with your spouse and decide on the date for the event,colors, number of guest, location, decorations, dj, caterers, cake, menu, bar supplies,etc.
4)Do your homework and find lots of information on all the above categories. Don't just go with first thing you find. Look, look, and look.
5)Do allow yourself at least 9 months to 1 year to plan for your event. Or, even longer if it will be a very large event.
6)Find a location where you can bring in your own food, alcohol, dj, etc., instead of having to use what you are given. Some places such as hotel ballrooms will be more than willing to give you a free suite for that night and also give your guest discounts on room rates, pick up guest from the airport, and so on. Also, the hotel may be willing to throw in some decorations for you such as table cloths, and set up round tables in any arrangement that you choose. may even let you come in a day or two early to start your set up so that you will not have to do it all within a short period of time. Check out at least 10 to 12 locations within your budget and that way you will have several to choose from. Please go and check them all out in person.
7)Do check with family members and in-laws to see if anyone would be willing to help prepare food, dj, bartend, set-up, clean-up. You never know until you ask. Some may be willing to do it a s a gift to you and your spouse. But, if you choose to bring in someone totally not related to you then by all means do so if it is within your budget, but do your homework first.
8)Do go together when shopping for the event so that you and your spouse will be able to make on the spot decisions if needed and there willl be no problems later.
9)Do decide on a menu. Don't go overboard. It's not Thanksgiving dinner. It's just so that the guest will have something to nibble on and won't be drinking on an empty stomach. Please stay within your budget.
10)Do decide on how much decorations you want to have. Whether they will be balloons, ceiling decorations, table centerpieces, flowers, etc. A little goes a long ways. Don't over do it. Please stay within your budget.
11)Start shopping every month for items needed for the party. Don't just try to go and get everything at one time if you are on a tight budget. By all means go all out if you can afford to but, this is just suggestions for someone who can't go all out.
12)Do buy the right amount of decorations for the space you will be using. Don't go crazy with it.
13)Do decide on alcohol and how much. You don't want anyone passing out at the table. Some people charge for drinks at there events, or even limit the number of drinks before they start to charge. That is totally up to you.
14)Do have a plan as to who will help set-up and who will help take down any decorations. You never know until you ask. If you can afford a set-up and clean-up crew, by all means go for it, but i am speaking from a tight budget point of view.
15)Do find family members and/or friends who will serve the food for you and find someone who can tend bar for you also.
16)Pick up any and all rentals for the party in order to save set-up and delivery fees.
17)Don't wait too late to find that perfect outfit to wear at your event. Please stay within your budget. try several stores before deciding.

These are just a few tips about having a formal anniversary party that i have learned along the way. I am an ametur at this but, we did a very good job!!! You would think we got professional help with this but, we did it all ourselfs along with family and friends. I have sooooo many ideas still in my head from planning this formal, we have really out done ourselves. We only have 3 more days to our big celebration. "10TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY FORMAL".
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Happy Anniversary!
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Thanks for the post and Happy Anniversary to you and your spouse I hope you have a wonderful day!

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