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Portland, Maine — July 9, 2007 — Each year more than 200,000
family reunions take place in the United States. Family reunions, along with class
reunions, religious reunions, and military reunions easily become a fun and anticipated
event for attendees.

"Planning a reunion, however, requires much attention to detail - especially so
when large numbers of people are invited or are traveling to a new location," says
Steve Robertson, General Manager of Eventective (www.eventective.com), the web's
most comprehensive meeting and event space search engine.

"From deciding on the right date, selecting a location and event space, scheduling
food, to coordinating travel logistics, the tasks can easily grow to become overwhelming
and costly," he said.

To manage these challenges, some groups hire a professional meeting planner, while
others designate reunion duties to members of the group. For the majority that choose
to handle organizational tasks themselves, Robertson offers these strategies to
make the reunion planning process cost-effective and productive:

  • Negotiate — Leverage the number of attendees, quantity of food and
    beverage, and use of overnight accommodations to negotiate a deep discount or complimentary
    event space. It is also completely acceptable to ask a vendor to match - or beat
    - the price of a competitor. To start, email venue management directly for a price

  • Think Non-Traditional — Out-of-the-box venues like outdoor parks, dude
    ranches, and resorts offer many benefits, and not just to reunion guests. Often
    there is greater availability of booking dates as well as more affordable rental
    costs and services. When looking for a unique location, search beyond the obvious
    urban centers and explore the surroundings.

  • Compare Costs — Shop around to compare the cost, accessibility, and
    overall benefits of event spaces, disc jockies, and caterers. Be sure to evaluate
    the pros and cons of each as well as their value. Ask a friend or family member
    to recommend vendors they have used for previous events.

  • Go Free — Look for meeting locations that are free or waive the event
    space fee if you utilize their onsite catering services. Check with affiliate organizations
    to see if they recommend a preferred vendor or onsite event space that you can utilize.

  • Get Creative — Find creative ways to save on food and beverage. If
    catered, ask if passed hors d'oeurves will be less costly than buffet style appetizers.
    Work with the chef to create a menu that utilizes local foods and vegetables that
    are in season - and less expensive. Search online for a vendor that will work with
    your needs and budget.

  • Be Clear — Make sure the group's needs are clearly communicated and
    get everything in writing. This not only provides confirmation of event selections
    and price agreement, but will expose any hidden charges or unnecessary fees. When
    sending invitations to attendees, utilize web-invites that deliver all event info
    and details directly to the attendee.

  • Search the Web — Use search engines to find facilities and vendors
    that meet the group's needs — and budget. When searching, use keywords such
    as city, event type and date. Better yet, to quickly and easily compare venues and
    vendors nationwide, utilize event specific search engines like Eventective www.eventective.com.

The important thing to remember is that everyone wants to be comfortable, which
means that the atmosphere, facilities, and food are important.

"Smart, advance planning will help you to avoid spending big money in ways that
won't make a lot of difference to reunion attendees," said Robertson, "Instead,
plan an event where everyone can enjoy, relax and catch up with friends and family."

For reunion planners, Eventective's listings feature 318,000 event spaces, 95,000
facilities, and 40,000 related service providers throughout the U.S. and include
traditional hotel and restaurant-based properties as well as niche and special-interest
facilities that are often not presented elsewhere.

Eventective (http://www.eventective.com), headquartered in Portland, Maine, is the
Web's most comprehensive meeting and event space search engine. With more than 25,000
visitors a day, Eventective is also one of the most popular venue search resources
on the Internet.

# # #

Note to Editors: Images for publication available at: http://tizinc.com/photos

Press contacts:

Traci Freed, 207-253-1653 x185, tfreed@eventective.com

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