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Posts: 23 May 26, 2012
My name is Denise Moore and I am an event planner with The Special Date. I enjoy helping people making memories that last a lifetime. Event planning is a rewarding and exciting career. Event planners are always making contact with people in various industries for the purpose of making an event a complete success. As a result, we meet new people and open up a great network of friends and opportunities for future clients. It takes a great deal of organization, time and finesse. One thing is for sure, no matter how experienced or well connected an event planner is, each event presents a level certain of anxiety and stress.

A Note To Event Planners:
*Communicate*Be Honest*Dont Make Promises you Cant Guarantee*Always Be the First to Arrive*Be Patient* *Negotiate With Vendors for Everything*Report Only to the Bride(unless told otherwise)*Understand the Needs of Your Client*Be a Friend*Dont Try to Cover Up Mistakes*Make Sure any Changes are Updated in Contracts*Dont Try to Be Superman or Wonderwoman*

As a bride you always have someone in your ear telling you how things should be and if you arent careful you could be planning a wedding for someonelse while you are the one getting married. Make sure you rid yourself of anyone's ideas before you sit down to start designing your wedding. People that you trust can have a profound impact on your decisions.
Though Im not suggesting that you ignore others suggestions, just make sure you dont allow their preferences to influence your final decisions.

Note to Brides:
*Stay within Your Budget*Read all Contracts before Hiring Anyone*Ditch Negative People*Have Back Up*
*Be Punctual*Dont Have any Chiefs*Do Not Worry About the Opinions of Others*Make Sure You Make Your Own Decision*Invite only 1 or 2 people to Dress Selection*Dont Try to Impress The Bridal Party w/Expensive Gifts*

My business services all across the United States. So we get a broad range of requests for services. However most people want help on budgeting, wedding structure vendor relations. Its exciting to have an impact on people on one of the most important days of their lives. The concept of getting to meet people face to face is even more thrilling. I never realized how many people truly were seeking assistance. From small town to America to large metropolitan areas planners and brides, alike are reaching out on the web for information and guidance.

I found that through this forum and many others, people are trying to find out how to become involved in planning and executing their wedding. Platforms such as this offers a great deal of information from event planners such as myself, brides and family. Sharing experiences and ideas are valuable tools for the consumer and service provider.

It was a brave venture to decide to open up globally and of course it is more work. We have to provide constant phone support for clients and prospective leads. But the rewards outweighs the effort.

Denise Moore
The Special Date

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