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Posts: 23 May 22, 2012
When hiring an even planner/coordinator there are a few things you need to consiser. Whether you are utilzing their services for day of cordination services or for the entire event, the following pointers can help make your experience effective, efficent and enjoyable.

This role the event planner/coordinator takes is similar to your bestfriend. She or he will do whatever it takes to make the wedding seem as effortless as possible while wowing your guest and suprassing your expectations.

Communicate and Focus on Your Wants

Just like any working relationship communication is key.
Make your wishes be known this allows the specialist to compose and create your event as closely to your vision as possible. Being timid and not clear in your request will sure to confuse the specialist. If you are uncertain of your preferences, please take the time to research on the web or ask the event planner prior to your consultation. There are plenty of things that many brides to be forget to consider. Leaving it up to chance. So as a help to your event planner find out these things prior to your intial meeting.

Consistent and Practical

After the event planner has a portrait of your wishes he or she will consult with you for each detail. Be careful not to make demands that are impossible. Things such as last minute venue change, or request for flowers that are out of season can make things expensive and delay certain guarantees. It is very crucial to remain consistent in with your intial requests.


Ever hear the saying time is money. Of course you have. Time is ticking away. Especially for busy event planners.
If you have an appointment with an event planner please make sure you are considerate of their time. Remember time spent waiting on a client takes away from the time that could be working towards the event. Also if you have an appointment with a vendor or venue, they may be less likely to give you extras or perks if you were late to an appointment.


I trust that you read my other post regarding the "Things You Need to Know Before Hiring and Event Planner."
So since you have. You know that you have done your homework. Since you have hired the event specialist, you need to trust they are making the right decisions and suggestions to benefit you and your event. They do this on a regular basis and have plenty of experience dealing with weddings. If this wasnt so, you would not have hired them.


Be flexible. If a certain preference is unavailable, or unattainable be willing to make things as easy as possible. You must be understanding and consider alternatives. Which are usually suggested by the event specialist. Always remember they have your best interest in mind. They are working 10 times harder (or should be) than you. Because if anything goes wrong, their reputation is on the line. So believe me they have as much vested interest as you.

I hope these tips help you in working with an event planner.

Good Luck

Denise Moore
The Special Date

Guest July 4, 2012
I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Congrats!!
Posts: 13 June 30, 2012
Thank you, I found a wonderful wedding planner and I knew she was the one I would chose. I just had the feeling we would just clicked and we have the same vision. We are so much alike that we are both leo's which is so refreshing because we can be assertive when we need to be and respect those qualities in each other.
Posts: 23 May 25, 2012
Thanks for you kind words.
Posts: 12 May 25, 2012
Thanks so much for posting all of the awesome info! Looking forward to seeing more posts!

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