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Guest May 15, 2012

We have been looking for help with managing venue costs for classroom bookings in 50 locations, 50 weeks a year, 9 hours per week. Classroom supplies and projector may be required. I would be happy to speak to anyone with experience of managing such projects. It does seem like signing up with a national hotel chain like starwood give us the cost efficiencies - however we need to explore all other options.
Posts: 8 November 19, 2012
Good morning Guest! I am just seeing this post as we only recently joined Eventective! White Space in Dallas is a meeting and training facility completed with break snacks and beverages, audio visual equipment, WIFI and many other benefits! Our walls are floor to ceiling white board walls and we are designed for interaction! Centrally located downtown Dallas. Please contact me to discuss further. This is EXACTLY what you are looking for...
Posts: 385 May 28, 2012
Hi Guest,

You received many good recommendations from the other respondents.

The data which you provide indicates you need a classroom for 25 people four days a week for one week in each city. You visit 50 cities per year. You also want to achieve maximum cost efficiencies.

You suggested that working with one hotel chain might offer you the best value. It might, or it might not. The question you need to address is what is most important for you.

If you are marketing very high end products and want the best location in each of your 50 cities, then staying with one chain is probably not the best idea. After all, in one city Chain A may have the best facility. In another city, it may be chain B, and in a third city chain C.

You mention cost effectiveness. If you are looking for the least expensive venues, you might be better off staying away from hotel chains completely. You might be able to rent space in a religious institution, for example, during the week for a fraction of what a hotel might charge. Additionally, you would probably save a lot of money on Food & Beverage (F&B), and would probably have free parking. Likewise, you might rent a summer camp (or a school classroom) in the off season for very little money and have a really nice venue.

What the single chain would offer you is ease of making arrangements... but there would be tradeoffs. They may also offer you very deep discounts... you would need to find out how much they would be willing to discount space as well as F & B. F & B can easily cost many times the room rental fee. Indeed, I once changed my choice of meeting location because of the cost for bottled water at the facility I was originally planning to use (that was not negotiable from the facility's point of view).

You may have an even easier time working with a quality independent meeting planner (or a talented in-house planner). They will be able to find you the best facility for your needs in every city (not every major chain is in every city), optimizing for quality of facility, convenience, cost or whatever you need to optimize for. They will also be able to help you (if you have scheduling flexibility) schedule your cities to optimize on low rates... and avoid peak times as much as possible.

Please do feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss. I have lots of experience with professional meetings as a speaker and consultant, manager, and board of directors member.

Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD
Education by Entertainment
Posts: 23 May 22, 2012
We handle event planning across the United States. This should not be a hard challenge for us to assist you with. Planning classes or conferences throught the US on various dates is similar to like having a touring conference. Its definately a tedious task for just one individual. Especially when you consider time to research and negotiate.

There are a few things need to consider,
Venue Accomodations:
Audio Visual Requests

Food & Beverage
Will meals be offered, refreshments, snacks

Does the venue type matter, hotel, conference rooms, metropolitan libraries?

If you select a certain chain of venues i.e. Hotels, will they consider a deeper discount for your event?

These are some of the things that either need to be addressed or considered.

Please see our post under The Eventective Promotions Forum and search for "Event Planning Help Hotline." It has more information about our global outreach event planning services and business.

Wish you the best of luck!

Denise Moore,

The Special Date
877-397-8949(global event planning hotline)
Posts: 1 May 18, 2012
I know of a place in Kansas City if you're needing a location here.

Guest May 16, 2012

Thanks for the responses.

Mr. John Miller: Our events are training sessions, the topic of which may vary through the year. I will try to reach you in a couple of weeks time when we are done interviewing.

Guest: Good question - 25 participants per location, 4 times a week.

Ms. Turrill: 25 participants per session, 4 times a week. We would need a classroom (a quiet learning environment, if you will) - a restaurant may not be a good place? I will try to reach you in a couple of weeks when we are done interviewing.
Posts: 1 May 15, 2012
I would be interested in how many in attendance at each location... Do you serve a meal? Would you consider a restaurant if the space was large enough?
Feel free to reach out to me, I'll be happy to discuss.
Jennifer Turrill

Guest May 15, 2012
Excuse me- In each location?

Guest May 15, 2012
Hi! How many people are you looking to accommodate each week?

Guest May 15, 2012
There are many variables to consider. I have a great deal of experience in meeting planning and logistics, based in Las Vegas. If I could get a bit more background on your events, I could give you a checklist and budget line items with parameters for each.

John Miller

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