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Guest Atlanta, GA March 25, 2012

Sada Fahions and the Arthritis Foundation are coming together again for their next Charity Fashion Show. Each year they throw this event in order to raise more money for research and cures. The last show was held in NC and now were preparing for the next one in Georgia. If you are interested in working with us please call Alexis or Rick at 910-992-1335. Please note the services and help provided will be in exchange for PR. Don't miss your chance to be apart of another exciting and ground breaking event.
Posts: 14 September 11, 2013
We will be glad to work with you if you are still looking. We also have a new event facility on 120W/E in Villa rica Ga. please do call the Event Facility Coordinator on 770.366.0442
Thank you!
Posts: 7 January 6, 2013
Wedding/Event Stylist & Decorator
For weddings/events I work strictly by appointment. This enables me and my client/s to get acquainted and discuss their much needed requirements.

Celebrating With Elegance, by ShembriSha Special Event and Wedding Designers are dedicated to creating truly outstanding special event and wedding design services.
We specialize in making your wedding day a dream come true.

We work will all types of Events ...Work in your budget and will NOT cost more then your budget Email us for More information !
Please Start with Name and contact information and list Type of Event , Budget , and dates Thanks in advance !

Email me for more information
Posts: 1 April 6, 2012
Hi, my name is Tersa Alsobrook of Devine Destiny Enterprises. Our division, Destined Events would love to help coordinate your event in Atlanta, Georgia. I have 20+ years in coordinating fashion shows and corporate events as well as fundraisers for organizations such as yours to include Cure Kids Cancer, AFLAC, CURE and others. My 16 year old son is a cancer survivor and it would be honorable to donate my services. I have an array of resources to meet your needs in models, fashion designers, auctioneers, DJ's, photographers, hosts/hostesses, caterers and more. My contact email is devinedestinyllc@comcast.net. Thank you, Tersa
Posts: 22 March 28, 2012
Good Morning,
I would love to help with this event. What date and time will this event be held and where is the location? Please repsond to this request if you are still in need of a planner or email me at patrinabruno@pandtpartyplanners.com or contact me at 800-734-7298.
Thank you and have a wonderful day

Guest March 26, 2012
Thank you
Posts: 7 March 25, 2012
I would be honored to work with both organizations. I can provided luxury car rental service and securing hotel arrangements. Of which, I can provide a promotion code for all attendees. I also work with different partners that provided event planning services in the locate area. Looking forward to doing business with you. Contact Arlene 800-673-1997 or arlenem@n-lite-ntravelers.com.

Are we looking at Sept-Oct of this year?

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