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Guest January 27, 2012
Getting married end of March. want to invite a few friends and family around 30 people. Civil ceramony. We want to have drinks and snacks afterward and maybe a DJ for 2 hours. We are putting our money into the honeymoon in Costa Rica so we just want to have a little intimate somehting before we take off versus the court house! Anyone have ideas? I am not goot at this.

Guest January 27, 2012
I agree with Marti Barton, Officiant, that you need to think outside the box. Many restaurants have private rooms and will work with you on food and drinks. I am not sure that a DJ will fit into your budget unless you ask a good friend to do this for you. My daughter did that and it worked out great. If you like Mexican food, I know that Cadillac Bar has a separate party area and they are very good working with smaller budgets. Whatever you decide to do, just enjoy your special day and may God bless you both.


Guest January 27, 2012
What area of Houston are you in? Contact for balloon decorations for more coverage and less cost than flowers.
Posts: 82 January 27, 2012
I am an independent officiant, and I have performed weddings in pretty much any kind of setting you can imagine. Just today, for example, I performed one in the solarium at our local senior center. (The couple was in their 20's.)

Does your favorite restaurant have a private room? Rent an arch (or buy one from Hobby Lobby or Michaels) to set aside an area for holding your ceremony. Or just ask them to place a high-top cocktail table on either side of an area, then add a flower arrangement on top, to delineate where your ceremony will take place.

Check your parks and recreation department for a private room or a garden park you can use.

Is there an arboretum or botanic garden nearby? Most have lovely settings where weddings can be held.

Check with your local Elks, VFW, or Foreign Legion -- many have rooms you can rent.

A local college or museum may have a space suitable for your ceremony. I even performed a wedding in a library once.

Does someone you know live in a condo or apartment complex that has a community or party room? They are usually smaller and more intimate, ideal for your size gathering.

You can hold a wedding ceremony pretty much anywhere -- get creative, think outside the box, and I'll bet you'll come up with the perfect place.

Best wishes,
Marti Barton, Officiant
Joyful Promises

Guest January 27, 2012
If the honeymoon is where you've chosen to spend your available dollars, invite your immediate family to join you in court or with an independent officiant and take them out to a simple lunch afterwards.

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