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Posts: 1 Rochester, MN January 17, 2012
I am in need of help! I have 220 days to plan a wedding on little to no budget. My fiance and I have been together for over 6 years, we have two beautiful children, and are planning a wedding. Where can I hold an August 24th wedding that will allow me to provide my own food unless I can find somewhere w/ really cheap plates!? Don't really know what I am doing!!

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Posts: 18 June 16, 2013
Easiest way to do it; find someone to work with you on what type of DJ/music you would like. If your budget doesn't allow for much, I would recommend maybe having a friend put a couple hours with of songs on an MP3 player, or CD player.

Decorations? Try the local craft stores, Oriental, or even local party places (Party City, et al) Put your own bouquet together, which can also double as your home's dining room table or mantel piece centerpiece. Table decorations could be as easy as candy kisses and pictures of special places around the area you printed up, or a theme (do an internet search of "Vegas" and print off one or two pictures per table).
Programs and invites can be done with MS Word or Works and a good printer.
For our wedding, we spent maybe $200 on decorations, and centerpieces/table designs. VERY VERY easy to do; and I think in today's world, doing everything at home is much easier if you are on a strict budget.

Guest June 11, 2013
If you don't have a dress yet I would Highly recommend Dina from Lea Luxe Bridal. She's located in Minneapolis, MN and does fantastic custom dresses. I got mine made by her and it was very affordable and pretty.
Posts: 1 October 29, 2012
you got so many days.You can take loan for wedding or else borrow money from some one and do good planning for your wedding. my latest blog post

Guest February 4, 2012
I planned my wedding in just under 3 months from a deployed location (I am in the military). I dealt with everything online so at least your in the local area. Shop around, look for either apartment or neighborhood club houses of friends or family. VFW post, rec centers, parks, etc. are also inexpensive venues. I went with a lady that baked cakes out of her house and paid$150 including tip and delivary for a 3 tiered cake with a filling, flavored icing, water features, flowers, etc. and it turned out amazing. The only thing that's hindering you is time but everything else is endless. Don't get stressed it all works out in the end.

Guest January 17, 2012
go to they have a lot a cheap wedding items plus it all free shipping.hope this helps.
Posts: 82 January 17, 2012
I planned my own wedding in 6 weeks -- 42 days -- it's possible! But don't get caught up in the details. As mbrown69 says, just because the planners and bridal magazines and websites, etc. indicate that you MUST have every little detail they recommend, you DON'T. Stick with the basic elements (you could carry a single red rose instead of a $200 rose bouquet, for example, or have wedding cake and punch instead of a plated meal), do what makes sense for you, and ignore the expectations of others. The sweetest reception I ever saw was a group of about 20 family and friends who arrived at an Old Country Buffet where my husband and I were having dinner. They brought gifts and balloons and a small wedding cake, they all trooped through the buffet line, and then proceeded to have the best time right there in the middle of the restaurant. We all felt like we were a part of their celebration.

Bottom line is that you're celebrating your love and commitment to each other among the people who mean the most to you. Everything else is just window dressing! Do what matters to you and what you can afford -- if you're creative (or know someone who is who can help), you can have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank.
Posts: 14 January 17, 2012
Get a bridal planner guide to see what kinds of things you should be doing. That will help you prioritize.
Don't stress yourself out with all the details that they state in those books though. Keep it simple.

You'll do fine. I planned my wedding in 150 days, made all the flowers, made my veil, and all the centerpieces. It can be done.
Posts: 82 January 17, 2012
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Here are a couple of ideas for venues where you can hold both your ceremony and reception:

Elks Club:


Rochester Parks & Recreation Facilities:

Colleges and Universities in Rochester (who may have facilities to rent):

Rochester YMCA (sometimes your local Y will have space you can rent):

Good luck with your planning! And let us know how things go.

Best wishes,
Marti Barton, Officiant
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