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Posts: 14 June 15, 2011
HI, my company rents and sells wedding and special event decor. I am new to the business and I have a few questions.

I have serviced brides directly, but I was wondering how I get my name placed on a list for venues to use?

So if the venue has a planner or bride book a reception does the venue (say hotel) have vendors that they contact to locate items needed for that reception? How does this work?

I am new to this business and wondering how I get my name out there locally.

I hope my question is clear enough for answers.
Posts: 82 June 15, 2011
Rev. Ann is spot on -- it's all about relationship-building. Venues are reluctant to refer brides to vendors they don't know because when they do that, their own reputation is on the line, as well. Since you're new to the business, do spend some time meeting with the event planners at the various local venues -- that will help them get a feel for your personality and work ethic so that they will be comfortable putting you on their vendor list. If you have a few references you can provide, even better.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce and get active there, too. The marketing people from those venues are also probably members, and you can meet them at Chamber functions and get to know each other that way. Local leads groups are another route you can pursue.

Building your reputation takes time, but once you do, you'll probably have more business than you can handle! smile

Good luck!
Marti Barton, Officiant
Joyful Promises
Posts: 157 June 15, 2011
I am listed as a preferred vendor by a number venues. They approached me after observing me in action and finding me easy to work with as a co-vendor. So for me it was a matter of building relationships over time.

There is nothing wrong with approaching popular wedding venues in the area and asking for an appointment with the event manager to request placement on a vendor list.

I have sent letters with business cards to venues, but found nothing beats working side by side to secure loyalty in referrals.

Have patience and good luck!
Rev. Ann Fuller
Melbourne, FL

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