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Posts: 20 April 9, 2010
As part of our commitment to our community and country we will, whenever possible, provide DJ services at significant discounts when the event is related to current or past military personnel.

This includes but no limited to:

  • Wedding Reception DJ Services

  • Birthday Party DJ Services

  • Going Away Part DJ Services

  • Coming Home Party DJ Services

  • Base Events

Please accept our thanks for your service and let us help you make your event one to remember.

Serving the 7 Cities of Hampton Roads and Northeastern North Carolina
Posts: 1 July 3, 2010
I have called the venue and there is no such event planned for July 19th in their books.
Posts: 1 July 3, 2010
Hello,am Engineer Max Manning,i work with one of the leading Engineering firm in Oregon,due to the nature of my business which keeps me usually very busy and the fast approaching ceremony,have decided to patronize eventective for the organization of my marriage.The wedding is billed for 19th of July, in Edgewater Inn Coos Bay,have also budgeted over $30,000 for the events,this price is subject to increase,depending on the service you are to render.If you are not situated in this environment,i will be responsible for your transportation and other logistics involved,You do not need to be the wedding planner,just email me the description of your professional service to my private or drop your email contact,i will respond asap.

Max Manning
Posts: 20 June 24, 2010
$100.00 Off Your Next Event. Military, Fire, Police, and Coast Guard.
Posts: 3 April 23, 2010
We also offer military discounts on our planning services, and all other products we offer.

We Thank you for your service and sacrifice for the love of your country. Thank you for keeping us safe 24 - 7, 365 days a year.

Warm Regards,

Caroline Ward, CTC,CDWC,CTA

Posts: 41 April 13, 2010
We also offer military discounts on our invitations and custom designs, starting at 10% off and it grows from there. Since we have a wide array of services and items, I welcome all inquiries via Eventective and I will respond promptly.
Posts: 385 April 13, 2010
No Speaker Fees For Events Organized For Family Members of Deployed Military


I am a Speaker offering educational TV-Game-Show style presentations for schools, colleges, universities, youth groups, community service organizations, professional organizations, small, mid-size and large businesses.

My focus areas include: career preparation, understanding how people sense, perceive, think, and respond.

Sample presentation titles include:
  • 1) Activities To Facilitate Career Planning and Gaining Meaningful Employment;
  • 2) Career Options With A Psychology Degree;
  • 3) Effective Leadership Involves Working Through Others;
  • 4) Games To Explain Human Factors: Come, Participate, Learn And Have Fun!!!;
  • 5) I'm Awesome, But I Have My Limitations;
  • 6) Understanding Human Capabilities and Limitations: An Essential Ingredient For Ethical Management;
  • 7) What Is It Like Working In Industry;
  • 8) What's My Job: An Effective Career Orientation Program For Middle School Students.

My programs are more fun than a typical party and more will be remembered than from a typical lecture.

Please view my listing on Eventective.
My listing includes a photo album with descriptions of selected individual programs and photos from some recent events.

I want to thank the individuals listed above for offering military discounts. I will also offer the 10% discount.

Additionally, I will offer to speak at events primarily intended for family members of military personnel currently deployed overseas for expense reimbursement (no speaker fees) anywhere in the USA (and possibly elsewhere as well) as long as other speakers at the event (if any) will make the same offer for the Spring and Summer of 2010. Contact me directly by pressing the red Contact Vendor button in my Eventective listing for more information.
Posts: 1 April 9, 2010
Nice djladyj, we at EnhancEvents, LLC offer the same for all Military Personnel, as well for any Law Enforcement. We offer 10% OFF the entire event.

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