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Posts: 1 June 5, 2011
We are looking to find an affordable hall to rent for a family reunion dance. Most places we have found are banquet halls that require we use their catering. Since we will not be serving dinner at our dance we are really just looking for the space to rent. Thanks!

Guest June 9, 2011
Hi, I'm with Calebri Productions (Leticia-214-397-2052) we rent chair covers, cakes, DJ, sashes, etc. If you need any of that call us. I don't know how much you're wanting to pay, but have you tried: The Discovery Gardens at Fair Park or Monterrey Restaurant, I know you said you didn't want it catered, but they don't charge for the hall as long as you buy the food and it's about $13 per person, I think it's cheap, especially if you get buffet style because you usually get more plates that way or last but not least "PAGA" on East Grand in East Dallas. Good luck

Guest June 7, 2011
Did you check out NYLO hotels in Plano and Las Colinas?

Guest June 6, 2011
Best Western Plus Christopher Inn and Suites of Forney, TX does not require you to use any catering to rent the room. However, they do not have a dance floor, but you can rent a dance floor and use it in the room as long as it doesnt do any damage to the existing rug. 972-552-1412 ask for Mike Holloway

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