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Guest May 5, 2011
On April 26th 400 young Ottawa students kicked off their day simultaneously with hundreds of fellow students in Solio, Kenya via Giant Screens and live Internet. It was all part of a remarkable experience where local students had the chance to interact between Africa and Canada while playing soccer in both continents.

In conjunction with The Garnier FindingLife Expedition to Africa the April 26th international soccer tournament gave students in Canada and Kenya a unique opportunity to participate in an event that encompassed the love of sport, character development, interactive technology, community building, global connections and much more.
This was more than just a soccer game. Students were given the opportunity to move thru a series of stations where they learnt about Kenyan life, culture, and were able to communicate directly via Skype & Instant Messaging with the students in Africa.
This event has made headlines around the world.
As the event planner that brought this event to life in Ottawa, Ontario we at Events InStyle couldn't be more proud of the results.

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