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Guest February 14, 2011
I am located in Chicago and am looking to get married in the Savannah or Charleston area in October. The wedding will be smaller - 50 or so, and I would like to stay in a somewhat reasonable budget. Any ideas?
Posts: 130 February 25, 2011
Congratulations! In Savannah, try Forsyth Park. With a small wedding party, that would not be hard to set up. Charleston, Battery Park is great and there is a gazebo there. Do a search for weddings in both cities.

If you are looking for someone to help you (I'm a planner), I'm in Arizona but travel ... in fact will be doing a South Carolina in a few months. I also team up with a photographer who relocated here, but has 20+ years experience in that area (he is from Hilton Head). We package our services to make an amazing deal.

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Posts: 17 February 24, 2011
Hello! If you're leaning toward Savannah, give me a call. I'm located in Atlanta, but I frequest Savannah regularly and have done a wedding there as well. I'd love to assist!

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Posts: 6 February 15, 2011
You need to go on and selcet the locations for wedding planner in your area. Hope this helps
Posts: 41 February 15, 2011
One way to start off your wedding planning is to invest in a wedding planner - be it online, a book or a person. We recommend a person because they can help you customize your wedding details to your liking, help you through the stressful times, and be available for vendor communications when you're unavailable ~ but you definitely want to start with a planner. Once you identify what elements you want in your wedding you can begin to see what the costs are for those items and decide if the pricing keeps you within your budget.

We offer a blog that helps with where to start in planning your wedding.

Also, we have affordable invitation options for brides-to-be. We can do just cards, or you can add pockets, wraps or embellishments to enhance the design. Check out our gallery to get an idea of what we can provide for you:

Our invitation packages are broken down for your convenience and to help you determine where you might want to start. Pricing is based on the number of invites, so if you'd like a quick quote let me know.

I definitely recommend checking out the blog first to get an idea where to start. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to email us.


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