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Posts: 1 January 11, 2011
I am looking to expand the wedding side of my portfolio, I am offering free wedding photo session and or engagement photos for 1 or 2 couples who may not be able to afford it during these difficult times. Package would include:
1-hr engagement photo session
and wedding day session
CD of all photos will be given for your pleasure and well as edits.

All I ask is an email of why you are deserving and scheduled date of wedding and propesctive date of engagement photos. I will then choose from the responses I get.

Guest April 12, 2012
Hi, My name is Phyllis Davis and I am not really sure if this offer still stands for the photo sessions (free). My fiance and I were planning to get married in September 2012, we are now canceling those plans in order to move the ceremony to Bakersfied California. His mother is ill and I thought it would be best if we had the ceremony in Bakersfield. I reside in Memphis, TN and he lives in Nashville, TN. We are shooting or June 23rd 2012, which doesn't give us much time. I am not sure if you are still available, if you are please let us know. You can reach me at or call me at 901-281-9509. Good luck on getting some great shot to build your business. Phyllis Davis and Gary Harris

Guest October 17, 2011
Hello! My name is Julie and I came across your website, but see that it might be a bit late, being that you posted this on Jan 11,2011. I got engaged two weeks ago and would love to get married October, 2012. I have been a single mom for 15 years, with one teenage daughter, whom I love very much. I decided to go back to graduate school,in addition to already teaching in the classroom at the Jamison Center. I barely have enough time to get my wedding together, or the will be tight. My wonderful fiance, also decided to go back to school to be a nurse. So we only get to see each other two days a week. He works so hard and hardly gets any sleep, so that we can have extra money for our wedding. We are both 38 years old, and are very simple people. We do not want to spend more than 10,000, but at the same time, we would like it to be very special, because it is our first marriage for us both. So this is my story, and we would love for you to accept us if you decide! Have a wonderful day! 661-304-5219

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