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Posts: 1 Richmond, VA July 16, 2014
I had a bridal shower planned for August 9th at Arcadia Restaurant in Richmond, VA (I am in Myrtle Beach). After securing the venue in late May/early June, I had the invitations printed and mailed them out. One of the invitees called to say that Arcadia had closed! I confirmed this with the owner, and now I need to scramble to find another venue to hold 25 people on August 9th for a luncheon bridal shower. I would prefer a restaurant or cafe that will provide the food, but I am not against renting a venue and trying to find a caterer either, as long as it is within my budget. I would like to pay no more than $500 to $600 for this 3-hour party. Can anyone offer any recommendations for a good place to hold this party?
Posts: 314 South Portland, ME July 18, 2014
Hi -

La Parisienne Bistro and Cafe might be able to handle your event.

If you wanted to self-cater, you could use Crossroads Art Center.

Brio Tuscan Grille is a pretty classy place that could handle your event.

Posticino could also fit the bill.

If none of these work, browse all of our Richmond Party Venues.

Good luck!

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