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Posts: 1 Miami or Fort Lauderdale, FL June 16, 2014
Hello! I am currently planning my wedding for this upcoming year (2015). Previously, I was going to have both my ceremony and reception at a family members backyard, but they're doing so much DIY work that the house is not ready and won't be ready till god knows when. Unfortunately, I've had to start all over with the planning after taking a break. Can someone please help me!?! Everyone tells me that I need to start with the venue first, but I can't seem to know where exactly to start...I need help pls. Also, I do not have a specific budget, but I am mot willing to spend thousands and thousands on a wedding. Honeymoon yessss smile
Posts: 1 July 29, 2014

If you are looking for an inexpensive (read as free) but really nice location, try South Pointe Park in Miami Beach. I am a wedding planner and I have had a lot of my client's ceremonies performed right on the beach or in the park located there.
It looks beautiful in pictures and you won't spend a ton on a location venue.
I can e-mail you some pics of past weddings, just send me an e-mail at
Good luck,
Posts: 3 July 5, 2014
Start your wedding planning with deciding your wedding budget and then make a checklist. It will help you in getting an idea of how much you have to spend on each wedding stuff. So plan it accordingly. Once you have completed with the budget and start looking for your wedding venue side by side with other plannings like wedding attire, flower decorations, centerpieces, invitations, photographer etc.

Guest Vancouver, British Columbia Canada June 18, 2014
Hi there, I think I saw you were in Miami. My friend's daughter had their recent prom at Jungle Island. After seeing the photos, I wished I lived in Miami cuz I would have had mine this summer at their Garden Outposts...amazing! I don't live there, I live in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their address is also good luck in that it's 1111 Jungle Island Trail. Multiple 1's are good luck. By the way, we signed up for where people can contribute a monetary gift towards a honeymoon rather than a 100 appliances you don't need! We figured, anything we need we can just buy at The Hudson's Bay at a "Bay day sale" haha!!

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