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Posts: 2 Orlando, Fl May 11, 2014
I am planning a Sweet Sixteen birthday in Orlando Florida, I need decorating tips and most importantly, a venue! Anywhere with A/C will do! I have a small budget though!
Posts: 1 May 13, 2014

Planning a special party can sometimes be a daunting task, but there are definitely people and resources available to assist in making your event a great success! Ron offered some great advice and suggestions for you to consider. As an event planning company we work with a large variety of locations for parties large and small and would be happy to assist with finding the perfect location for your party as well as options for décor, entertainment, etc.

To begin the planning process you really would need to know:
1. Dates of interest for the party
2. Approximate Guest Count
3. Total Budget for: Venue, Food, Décor, Entertainment, etc

We are in the Orlando area and would be delighted to talk with you if you'd like to discuss your thoughts and ideas further. Initial Consultations are complimentary with no obligation to book. Feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Happy Celebrating!
K. Lynn
Classic Celebrations
Posts: 385 May 13, 2014

You indicated that you would be having a "Small Birthday." I assume you mean just a few attendees. You also indicated that you have a limited budget. Given this, you might find a friend who lives in a condominium with a clubhouse and see if they would rent the clubhouse for you for the evening.

Alternatively, you might look for a family style restaurant with a private meeting/dining room. They may be willing to let you use the room at no charge if everyone orders dinner off of the menu.

Another option would be to look for some smaller business style hotels (such as a Holiday Inn Express) that would have a meeting and/or breakfast area that would be used primarily during the week. They may be willing to rent you the facility for a comparatively low cost on an evening or weekend.

Finally, you might check out private schools, religious institutions, etc. who would have a meeting room.

Enjoy your celebration!!!

Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD
Education By Entertainment

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