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Posts: 385 Warwick, Rhode Island (USA) April 3, 2014

I led a brief Education By Entertainment preview program at a meeting for approximately 70 adult leaders from a number of Rhode Island (and nearby Massachusetts) Scout Troops. The meeting was held in a large meeting room at the new headquarters for the Girl Scouts of Rhode Island (GSRI) on March 31, 2014.

The evening began with a buffet dinner consisting of a very nice variety of sandwiches and wraps, salad, and pasta salad with terrific cupcakes for desert. As dinner concluded the meeting began with an explanation of the agenda and a 15 minute version of my program. After my program, the Chief Executive Officer of the GSRI addressed the group, followed by discussions of programs available for girl scouts and potential leaders including: summer camps, recruitment for future adult volunteers, opportunities to obtain financial support for participating in scouting events, opportunities to contribute to enable future scout activities and recognition opportunities. Another team of two speakers closed the program with a discussion about leadership. There certainly are numerous fantastic opportunities available to girls in Rhode Island!!!

During my 15 minute Education by Entertainment program preview I explained a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career which is optimal for individuals interested in both people and technology called Human Factors/Ergonomics. I illustrated my presentation with numerous activities which demonstrate human strengths and limitations in multitasking, recalling information from memory, and responding. The activities may also help participants to be safer, more productive and better communicators at work, school and home.

The Education By Entertainment activities included:
  • Multitasking A: Stand on one foot, eyes closed, and recite Humpty Dumpty.
  • Multitasking B: While seated move your right foot in a clockwise direction and draw a large "6" in the air.
  • Memory Recall: Spell "spot" five times. Tell me what you do at a green light.
  • Memory Recall: The Eyewitness -- Describe your bandana while blindfolded. See photo album.
  • Response Time: Try to catch a dollar dropped between your second and third fingers.

Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD
Education By Entertainment
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