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Posts: 4 November 5, 2010
Hiring a DJ for your corporate event may seem like a daunting task and in some cases it is, however, it shouldn't have to be. A good DJ can easily be identified by doing some quick research and or asking some direct, to the point, questions such as the ones you'll find listed below.

First, let's look at your agenda. You were put in charge of the entertainment but you do not know where to start, in fact you don't have a clue. You go to the internet for help but after a dizzying array of links and DJs and other useless information that grabbed your attention, you feel more lost than when you began. Luckily there is an easy way of weeding out the good from the bad and finding the right DJ.

Think of what it is that you will be needing from your DJ; Music? Of course!Music is primarily what you want from a DJ but you need to think past that. You should ask questions like, Is he insured? Has he been in business for sometime?Does he have references? Is he a club DJ or a Mobile DJ? (more on this later).What type of equipment does he use? Does he own or does he rent? Does he have adequate transportation? Does he own a wireless microphone? Can he make clear spoken announcements on the microphone? and How will he dress the day of the event?

Secondly, think of how many guests you are expecting, how big will the venue be, what is the average age of your guests, general background, are they a fun crowd or a more reserve crowd?

Finally, what is your budget?

So you have all these questions, now let me give you some answers:
What type of music?
Look for a DJ who can play what is called an open format; this means that he or she will be able to play music from every genre and era.
Is he insured?
Never hire a DJ who is not insured, they may be a good at what they do but this shows a lack of detail orientation and maybe even responsibility.
How long have you been in Business?
Tenure in the business is a must, a good long experience record can mean the difference between an Ipod DJ and a Professional DJ. You will know what an Ipod DJ is if you fail to heed this advice. F.Y.I. That is not a good thing.
Is he a Club DJ or a Mobile DJ?
Although it may be tempting to hire a club DJ because you assume they are good and maybe they are good in a club setting; we recommend you go with a Mobile DJ Instead. Clubs and corporate functions are a whole different animal all together. Club DJs are mostly hired to play a certain style of music regularly, new top 40 and or underground music. A mobile DJ however, covers more of an open format, playing music from all eras, styles and genres, making for a more well rounded entertainer.
What type of equipment does the DJuse?
Let's face it, you have no clue and could probably care less, however, this is not the time to slack off because your reputation with the whole company and fellow employees is going to be riding on this one. You find the perfect DJ,he's great, heck he's the DJ of all DJs and he is going to be at your event but.... his equipment for lack of a better word, sucks! Nothing destroys a party more or faster than a DJ with crappy unreliable DJ equipment. Write down the names and model numbers of speakers, mixers, computer software, controllers and lights. Go online do a quick search; a $50 Mixers and $200 speakers does not constitute a professional grade DJ setup.
This leads me to:
Does he own or does he rent?
9 times out of 10, I would tell you not to trust a DJ who rents his equipment. Please don't get me wrong if you happen to be a DJ who rents.Although you, the DJ may be trust worthy, the equipment may not be. Keep in mind that this equipment is being used and abused by a multitude of renters all of which have no sense of ownership in the products being rented; this leads to abuse and down the line unreliability.
Does he have adequate transportation?
A DJ who uses his motorcycle to get around is one useless and two probably not making it to your event in one piece. Any serious business sense DJ will own a van, let me write that again, will own a VAN! You cannot transport the adequate equipment to cover an event with 400 guests in a Prius Hybrid. It's just not happening! Large reliable transportation is a must and not to be overlooked.
Does he own a wireless microphone?
Any professional DJ will not only own a wireless microphone with a set of batteries that are not dead but they will actually agree to bring it to the event. A wired mic is unacceptable and should be used to tie and drag that DJ out of the venue. (legal note: do not do this as it can constitute harassment and maybe even hostage charges).
Can he speak clearly and confidently on a microphone?
"Uhmm, Dinner is uhmm, being like served, uhmm in a bit, uhmm Ithink". That says it all.
How will he dress for the event?
Make sure that your DJ wears the appropriate clothing for your event. For example; black slacks, a button down black shirt with a colored tie and black vest is simple, yet elegant.

Secondly, by thinking of all these questions prior to hiring the DJ, you will know exactly what you are in the market for, thus making your search that much easier. A clear idea usually leads to a well executed plan of action.

Thirdly, what is your budget? A DJ could be found at any price range but do keep the golden rule in mind, you get what you pay for.

I hope this information proves helpful; thank you for reading.

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