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Posts: 2 November 1, 2010
My lil girl will be 1 on Dec. 29 and my niece will be 2 Dec. 30. So we( the parnets) have decided to have their party together. We would like to have a hotel swimming party. Since its cold a indoor party is good. Just dont know how to go about doing this. If you have any ideas please let me know. Wanted to try and plan a little early.
Posts: 385 November 2, 2010
I'm sorry but I do not know the Pittsburgh area well enough to know which hotels have nice indoor pools. If you belong to AAA you might check their tour book. Indoor pools would probably be listed. Also, you could call the 800 numbers for the major chains and/or check their web sites. Once you find several you need to do some telephone comparison shopping and then in person shopping by visiting a few of the hotels before making any commitments.

Have fun!!! (You might want to bring one of the older cousins along with you to see what they like too...)


Guest November 2, 2010
Thank you this was very helpful. I live in pittsburgh Pa. The pary is for the 1 and 2 year old but the other kids will be older. ( the kids cousins) But again thank you, if you know of any good hotels in Pittsburgh let me know.
Posts: 20 November 1, 2010
I think a hotel pool party is a great idea, but my concern is the ages of the kids as most hotel pools don't have a wading area, which is where your little ones would have the most fun.

I would suggest a public pool and choose a family swim time as they are generally quieter then. Just recently we did a niece-nephew mass b-day celebration for all 16 of them at the swimming pool. It worked out great as the pool caterered really well to all age groups (1 yr - 14 yr).

Quentin J Sarafinchan, B.Sc.
Posts: 385 November 1, 2010
Hi Amanda,

Great Idea!!!

Since you did not specify where you are I can only provide general advice.

  • Find a hotel with a nice pool. Preferably the hotel will be in a business park which is booked Monday through Friday but empty on Saturday and have free parking.
  • Call the hotel. if it is a small one the manger or on desk person will probably be able to help you. If it is a bigger hotel you will probably be referred to sales and catering.
  • If you have out of town guests coming and book enough rooms see if they will just let you use the pool area and a conference room free or at a very reduced charge.
  • If the hotel has a restaurant see if they will let you use the pool and a conference room free or at a reduced price and bring in your own special cake if you buy lunch at the restaurant.
  • If the hotel does not have a restaurant see if the will let you bring in your own food.
  • Sing a contract with the hotel. Allow a few hours to set up as part of the contract. Also, specify how clean you need to leave the room and pool. Specify that you will be bringing in your own decorations in the contract.
  • Warning: buying drinks such as soda and bottled water from a hotel can be very expensive. Try to avoid doing that by having your drinks in the restaurant. (Hotels with food service will normally not allow you to bring in outside beverages so specify in the contract whether you can or cannot).
  • Most important, arrange for safety by having a life guard or two... as the hotel probably does not have them.
Let me know if I can be of further help.


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