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Posts: 1 October 26, 2010
Photography and Videography working together in harmony. Save up to 50% no gimmicks.
Enjoy a more natural flow to your day with less stress by having just one professional photo-videographer or team.

It is far less obtrusive on you, your wedding party, family and guests.
You want everyone to enjoy the day, not be controlled by photographers. Our style is unobtrusive at the ceremony, get into the action at the reception and fun and entertaining at your photo sessions.

There is less competition for your attention and better direction of your time.
No matter how well intentioned they are, separate photographers and videographers often clash as they both try to do their job. That can be 2 videographers and 2 paparazzi or more, all around you. They can often get in each others way, block shots and be obtrusive. By having one photo-video team, there are no conflicts and fewer demands on your time; with 1 director of Videography & Photography the right hand knows what the left is doing, so you will get maximum quality and more creative possibilities. See my 2010 Video of the Year

Our video-photo sessions are
unique, creative and lots of fun.
Our filming style combines documentary, photo-journalistic, contemporary and traditional photo-videography. You will have one two-person team conducting your photo sessions. The group shots are done in a more lively animated way that plays to video well, which is great for all the candid moments. It's also much more fun and entertaining to participate in. Ask about our Fashion show style photo- video session with MC.

You can save thousands without sacrificing anything.

Digital should be less expensive than film. No development costs etc, and print costs are inexpensive. You can save money by having the printing done else ware. Our approach is to take as many quality shots as possible, create, edit and process them and make them all available to you in multi-media formats on DVD.

It all adds up to better video & photography with more options for less.
To see the results of this new and exciting alternative to having to many paparazzi in and out of all your video moments, watch this my latest work.

The Ultimate Wedding Day Experience on DVD click to see 2010 Video of the Year

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