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Posts: 2 October 20, 2010
I need help with finding local hall in my town. i live in pueblo colorado and it's pretty small how do i fiind out the hall without going with a planner????
Posts: 1 May 18, 2011
Hi Ashley,
Wedding sites and services is a great way to find details about vendors and venues in Colorado. The Cat's Meow Flowers and gifts in Castle Rock would be happy to help you with your planning and any floral ideas you have for your wedding!
Posts: 27 May 7, 2011
Hi Ashley,
Congratulations on your up coming wedding!
I am a planner in Denver, and am familiar with having to find unique places in small towns to hold a wonderful wedding. You have some options down in Pueblo.
Try these places out:
Pueblo Marriott
Pueblo Community College
Pueblo Convention Center
La Renaissance

All these places have a rental option, right in your home town!

Good luck with everything and if you need any other help feel free to call!

Meghan Gutteron
MAG Events
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Posts: 254 October 21, 2010
You can also go to a local real estate office who would have a map of your town and public spaces for rent.

You can also try:

American Legion Halls
Veteran's Halls
Knights of Columbus
Community Centers
Theaters for Rent/Public Works Theaters
Art Gallery space for rent

Good luck!

Posts: 41 October 21, 2010
I also recommend talking to local party halls, parks and/or picnic areas with nice promenades or maybe even a hotel with a nice outdoor location. Many of these places offer discounted rates and can fit a good sized amount of people - just depending on how big the location is.

As an invitation designer, I am part of a network of professionals and experts who specialize in answering questions such as these, so don't hesitate to let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Best Regards,
Tiffany Dean
Twitter / @NeotericArt
FB: NeotericExpressions
Posts: 17 October 21, 2010
Hi Ashley,
Just another suggestion. Try talking to local bakeries, florist, photographers, officiants, DJ they should know the local venues. You can also interview them at the same time for your wedding day.
Best Wedding Wishes,

California Sol Creations
Posts: 130 October 20, 2010
I suggest you do a google search for wedding halls in your Pueblo. You could also look on sites like this one,, and If you can't find a hall, possibly a church or parish would have a facility you could rent. I just did a search and found (vendors on the right side of page) and also there were several listed, but not knowing the area, not sure how close they are. One I did find is

Hope this helps.

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