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Posts: 1 October 19, 2010
Put in requests to 4 or more venues, not hearing back from anyone, and only one is listed in my account.
Posts: 254 October 28, 2010
kovalinsky03 wrote:
Put in requests to 4 or more venues, not hearing back from anyone, and only one is listed in my account.

It would be helpful to know the following so that you can get contacted on this page from a few vendors:
* date of event
* city and state
* the budget you do have
* # of guests
* style or theme of your party if you have one

Many people read these postings, so if you start a new post, do fill in the blanks. If you need help with planning or just getting started, I offer 3 free initial email consultations. You can email me at:

Best of luck!
Event Planner/Photographer/videographer
Posts: 385 October 19, 2010
Hi Kovalinsky03,
I'm assuming that what you are referring to is that you submitted a form to Eventective about an upcoming event and you have not heard back from any vendors. I can think of several reasons why this might happen. Keep in mind that vendors need to pay Eventective for leads. Thus, they will review the information in your submission without email or phone contact information and decide if it is worth paying for the email and phone information. It is likely that in your case the vendors decided the information provided would not justify the expense of purchasing the email and phone information. Potential reasons might be:
  • You did not furnish a telephone number (some vendors consider this reason not to buy a lead, others are ok with no number)
  • Total budget too small for what you are asking to do
  • They are already booked for the times you would like to have your event.
You can certainly use Eventective to look up the venues in your area and specifically apply to each of them via Eventective. When you do that the vendor does not have to pay for your information. Thus, they may be more willing to contact you.

I do wish you the best.

Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro
Education By Entertainment

Guest October 19, 2010
That seems odd that they do not contact you back. I would try what djabrasax said and phone again and give very clear name and phone number and if they don't phone back, I would look elsewhere. Good luck with your searching. How frustrating! Have a wonderful day!
Posts: 33 October 19, 2010
Vendors seldom reply to events that do not include a phone number. What is your city, state, and contact info?

Guest October 19, 2010
What account? I'm confused- are you an event planner/organizer or someone looking to plan an event...and what location???

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