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Guest October 16, 2010
I am DESPERATELY trying to find a good venue for my Halloween wedding and thought a forest or woods might be perfect for the ceremony at least but I can't seem to find more than one in Michigan. Any suggestions???

Guest October 18, 2010
Well we're pretty much open to anywhere within the state. I live in Ithaca (an hour north of Lansing) and he lives in Caro so we're pretty open about the location as long as the price is decent and the facility is what we want. We'd like to stay more toward the center and southern parts of the state cause some of our elderly family would have trouble making it up north but any suggestions would be welcome thank you smile
Posts: 33 October 16, 2010
We are friendly with many Halloween attractions in Michigan and Indiana. One location we have helped out the last couple of years is Darksyde Acres, minutes away from MIS Speedway, which has a huge woods and camp-ground area. Where in Michigan are you looking?

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