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Posts: 5 October 4, 2010
Im looking for some where to have my sweet 16.. i will have about 50 guests or fewer.. i am looking for a place to hold my party.. i really cant go over $500 on the event... if there is someone who can help me plan and find a place to throw my party that would be great the date is set for 3/5/11.... please help me lol

Guest October 7, 2010
It's always helpful to know the following:

*City and state

*# of guests

* theme

As a rule, if you have $1,000 or less for your event, try to have it in a home or local community center. you may want to consider a simple luncheon and then go to a club at night to celebrate with dancing.

You can also go to your neighborhood real estate office and ask if they have any listings on:

Knights of Columbus
American Legion
Community Centers
Churches with party space

These venues would ask only for a donation and you could bring your own food, decor and drinks. Tables and chairs are usually provided.

Good luck!

Posts: 1 October 6, 2010
i need a venue
Posts: 12 October 5, 2010
were you live?

Guest October 4, 2010
We need to know where you are located...state and city

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