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Guest October 3, 2010
I am in the planning process of our wedding. We have decided on a date of
03 September 2011, with about 75 quests. The problem is MANY of our
guests are coming from out of town. So, I'm trying to think of a way to still
have all our family at the wedding, but not spend my whole budget on airline
tickets and hotel rooms. I have thought about doing a cruise wedding, but that
still leaves airfare. Any suggestions?

Posts: 21 October 11, 2010
If i were you I would focus on, if they need help, like grandparents no one can afford to pay for EVERYONE

Guest October 7, 2010
Yes, I am in agreement. You can get a travel agent in your town to put together a "deal" that offers both plane and hotel. By booking several, they can save up to 40% and you just have to pay for your wedding, a rehearsal or get together beforehand and maybe if they stay the day after your wedding, sponsor a day activity or luncheon. People know that they need to pay their own accommodations. It's more important to have them there, so you can also state, "in lieu of a gift," please attend our wedding. We'd rather have you than a gift."

Good luck and do let us know who you did.


Guest October 4, 2010
Hello, My name is Regina Weber I am a wedding planner, for brides on a budget. I am a member of ABC Association of Bridal Consultants. I can contact them and see about getting you deals on your wedding guest details. Please feel free to check out my website at
you can also call me at 1-877-340-1313 ext 2
or email me at

Congradulations on you Wedding
Posts: 3 October 4, 2010
If your guests are willing to get together they do have group airfare. The airlines are producing very good rates at this time, And Hotel and airfare rates for some very fare prices. It's where to look not what.
Posts: 157 October 4, 2010
I agree with Marsha. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the guests, though you sound like a lovely person for wanting to assist. Marsha's advice is solid in all respects.

Best Wishes,
Rev. Ann Fuller

Guest October 4, 2010
You are not responsible for your guest travel, although it is a nice gester. You can work with local hotels to give you "group" rates which are a cheaper than normal cost. In these times you can save 20 - 30% off the normal cost of a hotel room. Ideally, you would include the hotel informtion in your invitations. But, you need to have the wedding you want and hope everyone can come. If there are only one or two friends/family members who are having problems gettting to the wedding, offer to help just them.

The Event Host
Marsha Pruitt

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