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Posts: 1 Modesto, ca February 19, 2014
Hello, I recently got engaged to my boyfriend of 6 yrs. We have been in a long distance relationship through out the whole journey. Hence, we are now trying to keep the expense at a minimum do to all the money on our back and forth traveling. we are looking at 6,000-10,000 tops. Any suggestions???

Guest New York, NY April 13, 2014
if you managed to make it 6 yrs long distance. think about the most important things that matter , dont go over budget, you dont want to go into a new life together with undue debt.think about who you really want to be there, and if you want simple or elegant extravegant, enlist help from others,you be surprized how many people that will help with music,invites,food,etc
good luck.....

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