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Posts: 28 May 18, 2010
KMc Video Productions is an industry award winning video production company. We have provided full time, value based video production services to the greater Chicagoland metropolitan and Northwest Indiana areas since 1993.

It has been our experience that there are many details that are not fully considered or understood by bridal couples prior to purchasing video production services so here on this forum we will attempt to set the record straight.

The video and photos of your wedding day will be the only items that will bring you as much joy 25 and 50 years from your wedding day as they did the first time you saw them. But video, unlike photography, will extend those memories beyond a moment frozen in time to include the music that was sung, the voices of friends and family, and visual images that will make you laugh and cry for years to come.

Experts estimate that video images captured on DVD (with proper care and storage) can be passed down to at least six subsequent generations of your family. With all that video can do it is amazing to us that many couples don’t put the same effort in saving their wedding memories on video as they do with selecting the banquet facility, or the flowers to decorate their venues, or the attire to be wore by the participants.

So where is a good place to start?
A good place to start is with yourself by having some idea of what you want your video to look like. Ask yourself what images do we want to see? For example:
1.) Do you want rehearsal coverage or pre-wedding coverage of the bride and groom?
2.) Do you want photo montages added (growing up photos, candid shots of the day, or honeymoon photos)?
3.) Maybe you want bridal party & guest interviews and a lot of dance coverage or maybe no dance coverage?
4.) How about a short edited recap of the entire day set to music that is added to the full-length version of your wedding video?

Now that you have some idea of what you want, keep in mind that unlike comparing gas prices or food prices at your local grocery store it can be more difficult when comparing video companies to get the exact same price / benefit ratio. So if you’re not sure who to call - start the selection process by asking people who you know (and in whose judgment you trust) that have had wedding video services for a referral to the company that did their wedding video. Also web sites like this one are a great place to look for wedding videography services grouped by area.

The weeding out process can be begin with something as simple as asking - is video production your primary source of income? If the person says no or this is a part time business (a red flag should go up) and lead to a much deeper vetting process on your part. Full time companies that have been in business for at least three years have more of a vested interest in maintaining good customer service. Our company for example will on average get 60% of our wedding business each year by way of referrals.

Pricing of video services, as with all of the wedding day vendors that you will be hiring, is an important factor. But bridal couples that go into the process with a pair of low price blinders on should heed this simple piece of old school thinking “you will get what you pay for”. Some schools of thought move customers to go with relatives or family friends (but family relationships & friendships have been ruined this way). So how are bridal couples to decide? After a reasonable amount of comparison (3 companies) settle somewhere in the middle for pricing with an eye toward a company that can craft packages as close as possible to your needs.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions that will come to mind. Asking questions is one of the best tools to use in the selection process. Here are 10 questions to consider:
· Will you have a backup camera and other backup equipment?
· Will you be using on-camera adjustable lighting? (More about this later)
· Will you be using a tripod when shooting the video?
· Can I select a style for my video? (Candid, Documentary, or Cinematic)
· If we want a multi-camera wedding will all of the cameras have a camera operator or will any of the cameras be unmanned? (More about this later)
· Ask if the company will be using battery or A/C power during the wedding day? If the answer is A/C another red flag should go up. Being tied to a wall outlet will restrict the camera movements and creativity. In addition this action may pose a tripping hazard.
· Is your company insured? (General liability also errors and omissions with a minimum one million dollars of coverage)
· Is your company directly responsible for the entire project?
· Are there any time or venue limitations in this video package?
· What items are not covered under the editing terms?

Ask to see two samples of their work. The production values of a company’s samples are a major key in the selection process. These values are not as subjective as why you liked that movie you last saw at the local Cineplex. So when you see a sample of the production company’s work, consider how that work compares to what you find on network television. Are the images clear and reasonably steady? Do the camera movements make sense with a purpose toward better storytelling? Is the editing clean and the use of special effects appropriate? Are the video scenes well composed? Is there a sense of seamless connection of the video scenes throughout the sample as it unfolds?

Single or multi-camera wedding is for many couples a major question. The traditional single camera wedding job can produce a fine wedding video. But, if you want a higher quality look to your wedding video (
and the decision does not strain your wedding day budget) consider a multi-camera wedding video. Muti-camera wedding videos provide a look and feel closer to what is normally seen on television. Reaction shots, reverse angle shots, balcony shots, and alternate close up shots are just some of the broad range of coverage you get by having additional cameras for your wedding video. In an effort to maintain the highest production standards for your muti-camera wedding we recommend that all cameras have a camera operator, to allow for the maximum amount of shot selection and camera positioning during the wedding. In general an unmanned camera is unable to track action as it unfolds, and with some exceptions can’t be adjusted for close ups, or react to that unexpected “Kodak” moment.

Today, there seems to be some misinformation out there regarding the use of on-camera lighting and its use with digital cameras. If the video person you are talking to says that he does not need light for his camera
another red flag should go up. Here are some facts to consider: Professional photographers would never consider taking pictures of your wedding without using their flash units. The next time you watch a television news segment (shot away from the station) at a minimum the cameraperson will use on camera lighting to capture that footage. On-camera lighting is a great way of keeping color and picture integrity for close up and intermediate shots. We recommend that you insist that at a minimum the production company use on-camera (adjustable) lighting for the shooting phase. In addition the lighting levels of the venues that you will be using should be set no lower than 75% (3/4) of their highest settings. In general the better the lighting of the venue the less likely your footage will be grainy or suffer from poor color levels.

Now once you have found a company you then want a contract that will lay out all of the terms, conditions, responsibilities, exclusions, turnaround time to get the finished video, and what happens if there are problems. What are the payment, cancellation, rescheduling, and refund policies of the company? The best advice is to assume nothing and make sure that all of these points and any special needs or requests are documented in writing.

Payment terms are a subject where there are clearly two valid sides of this coin to consider. First is the customer’s point of view. Many customers are uncomfortable with paying in full for a product that won’t be delivered for a few weeks after the wedding day. For the most part, with the exception of the photography and videography wedding vendors, the other wedding services that were hired are delivered and any problems are revealed by the day of the wedding.
But, photography and videography companies have endless stories of bridal couples that have overspent for their wedding day. After returning from their honeymoon and having a product that is ready, deliverable, and on time the company can have an uphill battle to get the payment that is due. In some cases the company may not get paid the final payment at all.
We don’t know if there is a perfect answer on this issue so our company made the decision to have in the case of our low to moderately priced wedding packages a 1/3 deposit that is payable at the contract signing, the 2nd 1/3 is payable a few weeks prior to the date and the final 1/3 is payable immediately after the video is approved (no personal checks for the final payment). For our upscale wedding packages a 25% deposit is payable at the contract signing, two additional 25% payments are made on mutually agreed dates prior to the wedding, and the final 25% is payable immediately after the video is approved (no personal checks for the final payment).
We suggest that if the company wants their payment in full prior to the wedding day and you are not comfortable with that, you should ask the company representative if a final balance payment agreement can be worked out that will make both sides happy.

Well in advance of your wedding day have a pre-production meeting. This is the area that will make or break your wedding video. As a practical matter it is easier to spend 2 hours asking questions, receiving suggestions, and planning solutions to potential problems rather than 2 hours of Q & A directed at your production company’s representative about why your video didn’t turn out the way you imagined it would. Pre-production is that golden time in the video process to insightfully consider production landmines that might go off, workout the details of post-production, and for the bridal couple to relate their expectations of what the finished product should look like. For an additional bit of insurance you may want to put in writing all shot coverage requests.

In closing, remember good video productions are built on mutual accountability between the customer and the production company. Both sides bring assets and responsibilities to the table in order to make the wedding video successful. The video production process involves a lot of work, but the results will be worth it.
For additional information about what we refer to as "The Chicago Wedding Video Experience", we invite you to visit our web site at www.kmcvideoproductions.com .
We would also be happy to answer any specific questions that you might have on this forum.

Thank you for taking time to read this posting and good luck in planning your wedding day.

P. S. If this information has been helpful and you would like more information on these or other video related subjects or you just want to comment about the information posted here, we want to here from you.
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Posts: 28 December 10, 2015
We want to thank all of you for your interest in this post. There is a retail company serving the Chicago area and their message is a simple one "An educated consumer is our best customer". We believe that many problems between wedding vendors and customers could be prevented by using this philosophy.

In an effort to make this post an even more valuable resource we will periodically be updating our post with video tips from our newsletters. There are ten tips in this series and it is our hope that you will find them helpful.

For your wedding day there is no other preservation medium that can match professional video production as a tool for bridal couples to relive their wedding day memories. You don't have to take our word for it, here are some facts from an industry survey tracking brides after their wedding day by Breakthrough Marketing, Inc.

· 60% of the brides that did not have their wedding captured on video at all had second thoughts and regretted their decision not to have their wedding videoed.
· 49% of the brides that used a friend or family member to video their wedding said if they had to do it all over again that they would hire a professional.
· 79% of the brides agree that future brides should at least consider using a professional to video their wedding day.

In the coming weeks we will endeavor to make bridal couples better educated consumers with practical, technical, and out of the box suggestions so that they will have a better understanding of the video process.

VIDEO TIP #1: Treat professional wedding videography services with the same level of importance as professional wedding photography services.

Have a vision of the kind of images you want captured before, during and even after your wedding day. We always communicate to our wedding customers that the wider the variety of wedding related images covering the total wedding experience the better the wedding video. Today's video production companies offer a plethora of related wedding video services, not only for the wedding day itself, but pre and post wedding timelines can be captured by your video company. The better the wedding video the more likely that same wedding video will be cherished and replayed 10, 25, and even 50 years later.

The first step in having a wedding video that can be cherished and enjoyed for years to comes is having a vision and a plan to match that goal.

Visit our web site at www.kmcvideoproductions.com if you want to find more information.
Posts: 28 November 25, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving

All of us here at KMc Video Productions want to take this time to wish all of you a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. We also hope that all of your upcoming wedding plans will be realized.
Posts: 5 September 1, 2013
I'm a videographer too and I just want to add that when the brides come with their "posse" to my booth at wedding shows, INVARIABLY one of the bridesmaids says "We skipped our video and I really regret it." The photos are the "art" of the day, but the video is the memory as we add sound and motion to images. And our work lasts WELL beyond the day of!

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Posts: 28 June 18, 2013
Hello EclecticEntertainmentDJE

First, let us start by saying the name of your company is cool. Second, your comment is on the money. There is a lot more to being a good D J than just playing music. Many bridal couples may not consider that their D J has to be a good M C as well. We agree with your POV of applying the team concept because our first stop when we arrive at the reception even before we unpack is to find the D J and work out a game plan for the evening so that everybody's job is easier. Thank you for your comments.

We wish you continued success.
Posts: 18 June 16, 2013
Great info indeed! I always make nice with the photo/videographers and venue staff as well. Professional courtesy, since the wedding night is a TEAM effort, but if I am not doing my job, the other vendors have to work much harder doing theirs.
Posts: 41 April 12, 2013
Such a great story and i like it. As per your story i think I should 100% contact to KMc Video Productions for my family members wedding.

Guest March 14, 2013
This imformation is just what I needed. Nicely done! When is the book coming out?
Posts: 1 January 28, 2013
This is so very helpful. Thank you.

Guest August 31, 2012
The information we found here really made a difference, not only in our approach to videography vendor but also with our photography and D J vendors as well.
Posts: 28 July 17, 2012
Hello sade10edwards

We want to first thank you for your inquiry. Our normal service area for Indiana is Lake County. That area is serviced without a mileage fee. Because Terre Haute is in Vigo County a mileage charge of 50 cents per mile will be added to the contract. Feel free to visit our web site at www.kmcvideoproductions.com .

Thank you again
KMc Video Productions
Posts: 2 July 17, 2012
@KMcVideoProductions: Does your company service the Terre Haute, IN area?
Posts: 2 July 17, 2012
Thank you! I am getting married June 2013 and I am very concerned about who I choose to go with as my photographer. This was a very helpful guideline to use when I am deciding.

Guest April 10, 2012
If knowledge is indeed power, then the information that is on your forum for wedding videos is very powerful stuff!

Guest April 1, 2012
This testimonial has helped to put our decision for video into prespective. Before seeing it I don't think we would have a videographer for our wedding day. Thank you for all of this wonderful information on wedding video services.
Posts: 28 March 24, 2012
We here at KMc Video Productions believe and have taken every opportunity to say that "every bridal couple who decides to have a photographer to cover their wedding should also have a videographer to add to the wedding day memories in a way that still photography can never approach".

In our newsletter we have provided results from marketing surveys that states the following ...
60% of the brides that did not have their wedding captured on video at all had second thoughts and regretted their decision not to have their wedding videoed.

But don't take our word for it, maybe if you heard the regrets from a bridal couple in their own words as they relate their feelings after their wedding day, it might make a difference.

We found this 3 minute YouTube video testimonial from Eric and Jill posted on March 16, 2007, it may help to drive the point home because "you don't get a second chance to have your wedding day memories"!

Posts: 31 March 16, 2012
Nice collection of ideas and information.It would really help me and the other people for choosing the best photography for their big day.
Posts: 28 January 10, 2012
Hello lckygal, and thank you for your kind words. We are very happy that the information in our forum was helpful in some way to make a part of the wedding planning process easier.

We regret that we will not be able to offer a direct referral to a video production company in Greensboro, NC, but Eventective has a listing of videographers in NC or you may want to use the internet search engine of your choice to look and see if there is a state or regional area video association and start your search for a videographer there.

We hope that your daughter's wedding day will be one of the happiest days in her life.

KMc Video Productions
Posts: 1 January 10, 2012
Wow indeed! Mother-of-the-bride experiences sudden drop in stress level, renewed confidence! Know anyone in Greensboro, NC area whom you would recommend?
Posts: 1 August 30, 2011
This is so helpful - thanks for providing these great (and comforting) guidelines.
Posts: 28 April 8, 2011
Hello StevieRayEntertainment

It is great to get the point of view of other event professionals outside our area of expertise. There have been many times when we came to the rescue of a situation, and that assistance helped to keep the day less stressful. We are sure that there hasn't been much you haven't seen in your 20 years as well. By your example other wedding professionals may be so inclined to be ready to help in case of an emergency.

Thank you for your insights.
Posts: 5 April 7, 2011
Interesting thread, and I have a very similar write up on my WebSite, for finding the right Entertainment. I particularly like your last post, as being in the business for nearly 20 years. I have an emergency kit with most of the items you described. (Sewing Kit, Matches for lighting candles, Super Glue, Flashlight, Stain Removal Wipes) among other items, even though I am not involved in matters of image (photography/video), I have over the years seen where the B&G could not find these items when needed, so I carry them in my equipment. Every time, I do a reception, and I come across an emergency item like this that someone is looking for, I add it to my kit.
Posts: 28 April 6, 2011
In an effort to make this post an even more valuable resource we will periodically be updating our post with video tips from our newsletters. There are ten tips in this series and it is our hope that you will find them helpful.

VIDEO TIP #5: Try as you might to plan and prepare for your wedding day to be perfect some things are just bound to happen. There are some steps that can be taken to bring your wedding day back into perfect alignment. The bride and groom should each have an emergency kit on hand. The kit should at the very least have the following items (see what you come up with to help your wedding day stay in alignment) …

1.) A sewing kit with needles, a needle threading assistant device, scissors, varies sizes of safety pins, thimble, and of course thread. Many travel sewing kits have a variety of color thread included (if not) buy the three basic types white, black, and clear.
2.) It is a good idea to have on hand a supply of various size band-aids and some antiseptic wipes.
3.) Consider having on hand some fabric stain removal wipes that can turn that little accident into a non-incident
4.) Have a tube of super glue on hand so you can turn that little rubber cushion that just came off your shoe heel from an "Ho-No" into a no problem. Imagine for a moment the wedding is about to start in ten minutes and something was just dropped and damaged, super glue can fix most breaks and cracks well enough to get through the program. A small roll of transparent and masking tape should also be on hand for other quick fixes or on the spot solutions.
5.) We know that your Videographer and Photographer are there doing a great job for you but many in your family and bridal party want to take their own photos so have an 8 pack of AA and AAA batteries ready just in case, because you can't ever have too many good memories of your wedding day.

Visit our web site at www.kmcvideoproductions.com if you want to find more information.
Posts: 28 January 31, 2011
We are happy that this forum had an impact on your decision to add video services for your wedding day. You have asked a very good question. We will assume that you are asking that question because the company that is doing your photography also offers video services.

The simplest answer to your question is that it is not necessarily better to have one company handle both the video and photo wedding services.

It is very difficult for one company to offer both photography and videography services and excel at both professions. Because for every similarity that exists between the two professions you will find two dissimilarities that make it a challenge to do either profession well. For example: staying up to date with all of the latest equipment changes, or shooting and editing techniques. Now if you ask the company that is offering both services they will find a thousand reasons to say that it is better to use a company that does both. But before you decide consider the following …

It may be more convenient and you may feel that you don't need to look at other video companies. If you take that approach you will be doing yourself a disservice! As stated earlier on this forum, we recommend that you take a look at 3 companies to determine the video company that you like best. Out side of price; the style and type of wedding video you want and the benefits included in the packages that the company can offer should be of a higher consideration with the videography company over the photography company because there is such a wider diversity of expression of the video medium as opposed to photography. So you at least want to see enough companies so that you can make an educated decision.

The company offering both services will more than likely offer a package price and discount one or both services as an inducement to go with them. Price is always a major factor in the selection process and every customer has to weigh the price of the service against all of the other factors we have mentioned on this forum. For example: Ask the question is your company directly responsible for all of the services that we are buying or is another company actually doing the video service for you? If they tell you that there is another company involved go talk to that company for yourself and then decide.

The company may say that the two vendors will work together better because they know how to stay out of each others way. A good videographer will be able to work with a good photographer no matter what company they are from. In the eighteen years that we have been in business it has been the exception to have a photographer that we could not find a way to work with as a professional so that together we could do the best job for the bridal couple.

We hope that your wedding plans come off exactly as you imagined. Thank you for the question, we love answering them.

Guest January 30, 2011
We are getting married on July 9, 2011 this forum gave us a lot to think about. Our budget is a little tight and we did not plan to have video but the comments from the dad regarding his wedding and the fact that his wife and him did not considered professional video for their wedding and later had second thoughts about that decision helped to change our minds. We will find a way to have a professional video person to do our wedding. We would like to know if it better to have both the photographer and the videographer come from the same company?

Guest January 22, 2011
Some of my friends call me an internet social butterfly. I use the internet and web sites like this one all the time to gather information on a wide variety of subjects. My sister is getting married in the spring of 2012 and I have found this web site to be one of the best social sites for getting help and different points of view.

This particular forum on video services is one of the best written forums on the Eventective web site. This company is not afraid of the details both large and small that will offer help to people looking for video services. These guys have provided a ton of information regarding video service and they have made it easy to understand, not the one line that solves all approach that I see so often on this and other web sites that I have used. I will also applaud their willingness to answer questions from people with the same attention to detail.

My sister and I don't live in Chicago but if we did you guys would be doing her wedding.

I agree with Rev. Fuller and her posting and I will also be sending people that I know to this forum.

Thanks guys for walking the road less traveled!
Posts: 28 January 16, 2011
It is great to hear the P. O. V. from officiates like BrevardMinister. In the eighteens years that we have been in business we have witnessed the evolution of the status of the wedding videographer from the stepchild that is always in the way of the photographer to the well trained, highly skilled, indispensable service provider that based on a recent wedding industry survey which said "60% of the brides that did not have their wedding captured on video at all had second thoughts and regretted their decision not to have their wedding videoed".

Most of the concerns of the videographer being a distraction can be solved with one word, "communication". We will not speak for other companies and their approach but our company is big on communicating and the following is what has worked for us.

As part of our formal pre-production process we work hard on how to avoid being a distraction. This is one of the many areas that we cover with the bridal couple. We communicate with the church to avoid violating any of their rules and we study the layout of each venue and (where possible) look at floor plans. We talk to the officiate to find out any of their personal concerns. We talk to the photographer(s) so we are not a distraction to each other and (where avoidable) end up in each other's sight lines. If your video or photo professional does not cover this issue with you we recommend that bridal couples be proactive and demand that their video and photo vendors make that issue a high priority.

As to your second question regarding sound, in general if placed correctly the head bobbing should not adversely effect the sound quality. What is more likely to affect the sound quality is having the lapel microphone too close to a flower on that lapel.

Your third question is a little trickier because there is a shopping list of issues that may cause the kind of conflicts that you are concerned about, but in general most conflicts can be solved with good proximity distance between the microphone(s) and speakers. We recommend that about 30 minutes prior to the wedding a couple of minutes should be spent figuring out where the likely microphone proximity conflicts are likely to occur. It is also a good time to do a quick sound check, see if there are any lose connections that could cause a problem, and (if the microphones are wireless) see if there are any conflicts between the venue's and the videographer's microphones.

Finally, here is a technical tip for bridal couples. Ask the videographer if they are using a UHF or VHF microphone system for your wedding. If your videographer is using a UHF wireless microphones he or she has generally spent more for the equipment to capture your wedding audio and that videographer knows that the UHF microphone is less susceptible to frequency conflicts. Now if the answer is VHF that is not enough by itself to decide if you are going to use a particular video company or not, but it is just one more thing to use as a basis to help make your decision on the video vendor for your wedding.

We wrote and published a video consumer guide to help bridal couples have a better understanding of the video process. The guide is free and there is no obligation. To request a copy of the guide visit our web site at www.kmcvideoproductions.com and go to our contact page.

Thank you for your insights and your questions. We love it! Keep those questions coming in.
Posts: 157 January 14, 2011
Excellent information. From an officiant's perspective:

I have never had a videographer distract either me or the wedding party during the ceremony. I have had couples tell me they were reluctant to hire a videographer because they feared the distraction. I have assured them it is no more distracting than the photographer they have hired.

When I am officiating a wedding where a videographer is present I am usually mic'd along with the groom...with a lapel mic. My focus at a wedding ceremony is being heard by all of the guests rather than being audible on video. I have a stand microphone for projecting the sound towards the guests. I have always wondered if my head bobbing -- alternating between looking down at the ceremony in my binder (directly at the lapel mic) and looking up to establish eye contact with the couple and their guests (away from the lapel mic)) affects the video sound. I've also wondered if there is a conflict between the lapel mic and my stand microphone that can cause problems for the videographer.

I will definitely refer people to this post for more information regarding wedding videography. Very helpful, thanks!

Rev. Ann Fuller
Melbourne, FL
Posts: 28 January 13, 2011
That is a wonderful question you asked. In general the earlier you book your videography company the better. Because of the nature of the business the majority of small to intermediate size video production companies keep their core staff as small as necessary. For example, we are an intermediate size video production company and we have 5 regular shooters on staff. We rarely (as a quality control matter) add more staff during peak seasons and choose to close a date for booking when all shooters are allocated. Other companies may or may not augment their staff with temporaries during peak seasons. This will have no bearing by itself on which to make a decision if the company you are talking to is right for you, but should be kept in the back of your mind as a possible question as part of your vetting process.

We recommend booking your video company 8 to 10 months prior to your wedding date. If you are having pre-wedding video services that need to be completed prior to the wedding date such as a Love Story video presentation or a general photo presentation or maybe both to be seen by your guests during your reception you should book the video company 10 to 12 months prior to your wedding day. This will allow the video company time to add those pre-wedding services to their production calendar.

The peak wedding time will vary from area to area, for example, the busiest wedding month in the Chicago area where we are located is August. Other cities or regions it will vary so if you are getting married during your city's peak season you may want to book your video company 12 to 14 months prior to your wedding date.

For you wedding couples that are considering getting married on 09/10/11 or 11/11/11 we recommend that you start booking now to be sure you get who you want.

Finally, if you want a free , no obligation copy of "Your Wedding Consumer Guide To Video Production" you can go to our web site www.kmcvideoproductions.com and click on our contact page.

Thank you and keep those questions coming in, we love it!

Guest January 13, 2011
The information that is on this forum is great. We are planning our wedding for late September 2011. We have two questions that I am hoping that can be answered here. When is the best time to hire the videography company? What is the best way to get a copy of the video consumer guide that someone said they got from you? We will check this forum again for the answers.

Thank you
Posts: 1 January 4, 2011
As a near future Father of the Bride I have found this to be very insightful. The little suggestions from the various professionals and semi professionals has actually improved at least my thought process on the issue. When my wife and I got married we had many people trying to take videos and stills. We hadn't considered hiring someone to do the wedding but now we wish we had. It was a HOT HUMID August day and none of the home video cameras would work at that temp. We never got a single bit of video and many of the still cameras did the same thing. Thank you, I am now more in favor of a professional multi camera aspect even though getting it past my wife will be hard as she doesn't see the need to spend the extra money. I only intend on doing one wedding per daughter and want them to be happy with the end result.
Posts: 11 December 9, 2010
Wow I would say that many of these questions could be incorporated for other vendor types such as DJ.

Guest October 18, 2010
Hey KMc the information on this forum is great! We need more professionals in other areas of the wedding business to do the same. Keep up the good work.
Posts: 28 October 1, 2010
Hello GENERATIONScinemastories, and thank you for your insights. The over all point of our forum is to give bridal couples a foundation base of information to build their decision making process on. It was not our intent with our initial posting to cover each area of the video production process with a full chapter and verse approach that would take a lot more dialogue. We wanted to advance our industry in the minds of bridal couples with some straight talk and interaction that could make a difference. We also wanted this forum to be a place where thoughts and ideas can be made known and available to those same bridal couples.

It is clear by your comments you have a level of knowledge of video production. We happen to agree with your P. O. V. and additional reasons for having 2 or even 3 cameras for your wedding. Having more cameras will clearly make a better wedding video if the couple can budget for the additional expense.

However, the paragraph devoted to lighting never stated that on-camera lighting was the best or the only option of lighting a wedding event. We wanted to simply clear up the misconception that is being put into the minds of customers that today's digital cameras don't require some kind of minimum lighting protocol. We stated that "at a minimum" customers should require the company they are doing business with to have on-camera lighting and have the venue lighting set no lower than 75% of the highest room setting. Because the reality is that many (but certainly not all) brides envision their banquet hall with a certain low light mood.

We again agree with you that for those customers that can budget for the additional expense of a lighting assistant that is a better option but not the only industry lighting protocol option and bridal couples should consult with their video company to find out what options are available for their wedding situation.

Thank you for advancing this forum and our industry for all bridal couples who come to this forum.
Posts: 1 October 1, 2010
In considering single or multi camera filming, there is more to consider than $$ and more interesting editing. One videographer will require that that person do a fair amount of moving around during your wedding, often jockeying for position with the wedding photographer(s). The more camera people present, the more likely the team has come up with a choreography that allows the team to remain relatively still during the ceremony so they are almost invisible, capture many perspectives, and stay out of the photographers ( and your guests!) way. Also, when it comes to lighting, on-camera is not the only, or the best option. On-cam lighting requires that wherever the camera is pointing, so is the light - and at the same level, usually around the eyes of the subject. A far better option is to have a lighting assistant who can angle the light from below or above the subject, creating lovely shadows and keeping the light from interfering with anyone's vision.
Posts: 28 September 30, 2010
Studiobrides has perhaps stated one of the best reasons for why bridal couples should incorporate professional video into their wedding plans. We were booked for a wedding on August 14, 2010. We were informed that on August 18, 2010, just four days later, the bride's grandmother had died. There is no doubt that our video images of the grandmother were the last images taken.

There also is no doubt in our minds that whatever value the family placed on their decision to have professional video for their wedding that value has gone up 100 fold. In addition the family wants to add a short in memoriam to their wedding video to honor the bride's grandmother.

Thank you for your insights.
Posts: 11 September 21, 2010
GREAT INFORMATION...as a planner, I will just add one quick thing...beyond the logistics of who, what fees, how to select, etc...really, for me, it is the WHY? The answer is simple:
This may be the last time you can capture ALL of your family in one place and at one time! I don't know how many brides and grooms have come up to me thanking me for pushing them to get a videographer to document their day. The number one reason they are thanking me is because they have since lost a grandparent or a loved one and are using this video to memorialize their time and memories of this person. They will have this video to show their own children (when the time comes) of their grandparents and others that have since passed on. Often, the person in question is speaking to the bride and groom and hearing their voice will bring emotions and life to the "picture".
It becomes a historical value that cannot be replaced with a still shot...
this is why I tell brides and grooms YOU MUST find a way to afford the videographer...it is a need!
Suz Haire,
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Guest July 20, 2010
We are getting married in Atlanta, your information was great and we went to your web site and requested your comsumer guide.

Guest June 23, 2010
We are getting married well outside your service area in Indiana, but we found the info to be useful in selecting our videographer.

Guest June 2, 2010
The 10 questions to consider that you guys suggested were very helpful.

Guest May 24, 2010
Wow, This is very good information. Thank you!

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