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Posts: 1 Maine December 11, 2013
There is no better way to build stronger relationships than to have a face-to-face conversations, asking relevant questions to find out how you can be of service to those in your industry or field. In our current climate of change, technology will never replace the value of personal contact in sharing ideas for moving organizations forward. As you think about bringing together a group focused on a common theme or goal, does the mere thought of the logistical details overwhelm you? Focus on your message and sharing your expertise, and let an event professional use their expertise to focus on the details to make your next networking event come to life.
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Posts: 387 Providence, Rhode Island December 11, 2013
Hi FreshLook,

I completely agree with you about the value of business networking.

In Rhode Island (and nearby Massachusetts) we have several outstanding networking opportunities nearly every week. Some are run by the local Chambers of Commerce, some are run by independent organizers. We also have a newsletter on networking events. Most of these events are either free or in the $5 to $15 range. Some are more.

I am a regular attendee, but do not normally organize these events.

I did write an article, Have You Tried After Hours Business Networking Lately?, for the Rhode Island Small Business Journal at the beginning of 2013 that you might find interesting.

Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD
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